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So, I was just watching a youtube live stream and they mentioned ticket prices went up. I checked my November week and what was ~$520/ticket for a 7 day PH is now $562. Should I safely assume I should lock in now before they go up again? I assume it’s highly unlikely they will go down in price, right?

Order them from Undercover Tourist now to get the pre-price-increase price before they run out and start charging the higher price. Depending on what day in you are picking in November, pricing at UT is closer to $500.

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How do the UT tickets work? Are they like the old paper tickets?

They are no different than any other Disney tickets. They are just cheaper. :slight_smile: I always use UT to buy my Disney and Universal Tickets.

I just bought UT tickets for my daughter and niece for our June trip. You can get them emailed, or real tickets. It’s easy to link them in MDE.

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I just checked and a 7 day PH with UT is $512 for our week…Do you usually have them mail or eticket? Then, I assume I just enter in the ticket numbers for each into My Disney Experience?

Does anyone know if this September is still going to be considered off season when it comes to tickets? Because it looks like the lowest cost dates did not see an increase.

I’ve had them mailed in the past, but either is fine. Yes, you can just enter the tickets into MDE after you receive them.

I presume so. Haven’t actually verified in the prices or anything, though.

One more bit of advice. If you plan to go 7 days across a KNOWN 8 day window, you should pick your first day that has the cheapest ticket pricing that includes all 8 of those days. In this way, you can actually get your tickets potentially cheaper without changing your days.

So, for example, if you plan your first day as Nov. 7, and plan to go on days from Nov. 7 to Nov. 14, it is cheaper to get your tickets with the starting date set to Nov. 6 even though you don’t plan to go then because the tickets are about $5/ticket cheaper.

ETA: Looking at the UT pricing, it looks like you are planning to go starting Nov. 16 or Nov. 17? If that is true, remember that for 7 day tickets, you get an 10-day window to use them. So, if you buy your first day as Nov. 14 instead, as long as you use all 7 days before Nov. 24, you will save yourself about $7/ticket.

Thanks, we are going indeed going Nov 16. I’m not so much worried about $7/ticket as much as I am over $50/ticket :slight_smile: I might just have to give UT a shot :slight_smile:

Also, I just looked at MDE under “Magic Bands and Cards”. It shows all of our magic bands and tickets from 4 years ago as active. I assume those tickets are long dead. Even if there was a day or 2 left they must have expired. Do I just deactivate those?

Some old tickets didn’t expire. You should call and find out if there’s anything left on them.

Yes. This. Hard to know if your tickets were of the type without an expiration date.

When is your planned last day at WDW? If it is Nov. 23 or earlier, you might as well pick your first day as Nov. 14 and save yourself the additional $7. If you MIGHT go beyond Nov. 23, however, then there is no point.

Thanks…I will try to call, but I can’t imagine those tickets have >1 day left. It might just be safer to book new tickets.

Yes, 11/16-11/23, however, 11/23 will be a non-park day.

Thanks for all the input. I called Disney and those old tickets do not have anything. He said they should have dropped off, but it won’t cause any issues with the new tickets.

I did just buy through UT. Ryan1, I took your advice and started my tickets on 11/14 to save a few extra $$. $3500 vs the now $4200 through Disney is a great savings. I had them mailed so I should have them by next week.

You can mail me the $700 savings. I will PM you the address. :wink:

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LOL…sounds good. Do you take monopoly money?