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Like others on this forum I have reservations (DVC rental) but hadn’t purchased tickets yet except MNSSHP. I got the priority access email either because of the reservation, the party tickets or some random IT reason. Now there’s discussion about whether or not you need tickets for priority access. Aside from the popular question of do I buy from a third party now, how many days and what about park hopper or waterpark? Pre-shutdown I was going to go big with a park hopper plus for the full duration I’m there- even days we weren’t going to spend all day at the park (Discovery cove, fishing, etc). Now that it doesn’t sound as though I’ll be able to walk to MK for dinner and park hopping has a serious question mark, how are people deciding what kind of tickets to buy? I realize that no one knows the “correct” answer- but I’m interested in hearing opinions. To me it seems like a chicken & egg situation- I need to know what days I’m in the park and what the rules are to know what tickets to buy… but I need tickets (possibly) to get access to the park reservation system…

I like knowing the rules and how to game the system… I’m not coping well with wait and see! :slight_smile:

Hi! I would suggest just purchasing base tickets right now if all you are looking to do is gain access to the park registration system. I am sure they will help you upgrade if any of the upgrade options are available in the future.

That being said, I am not sure if even the 3rd party sellers are selling WDW tickets anymore. I have heard on the forum of a couple of orders being cancelled. I would probably look into that first.

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I think that loophole might be closed… Out of curiosity, I went to their site and it won’t let me select a start date for tickets.
Kind of wishing I had gotten tickets from UT before the lockdown instead of convention tix.

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I just checked on the Undercover Tourist site…and sure enough, you are blocked from being able to select a date for tickets at all.

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Oh. Looks like I was a minute late to the game there. :smiley:


Man I lucked out on Friday night! I bought UT tix at like 11pm and they just came in the mail today so they are legit. I am now having to debate linking them or not and lose my refund option.

If you link them can you move the dates?

In any case I would probably not link until the park reservation system is released and you can get a feel for that. IIRC you’re not traveling until October so you wouldn’t need access now, per se.

I think that I can move the dates, per reports on the forum folks have linked and they automatically seem to be good until 9/26/21. But we are pretty unlikely to go in 2021 due to a planned Euro trip and 2 weddings. Hence why we’re still prettttttty likely to go in October. My DS4 has done pretty well with a mask so I think my deal-breaker at this point is just the pool situation which seems decent enough. We only do one night of fireworks anyway and I think we are over the disappointment of the character situation.

I feel like I should be in the “have tickets” category without having to link them. I mean, I actually have tickets, MDE just doesn’t know it yet. It also doesn’t look like they have shut off the ability to link them. Like you say, I will know way more about the reservation system soon and when I would need to prove that I have the tix to get the priority access. It’s just with DVC and flights on SW points the $1500 in tickets seems like the biggest factor I want to keep refundable as long as I can.

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I finally got anxious enough about my tickets not linking that I called tech support and they manually linked it. I feel 90% better now. Still a little uncertain bc one of my tickets is a file number that I have to claim at a physical guest services location when I want to use it. So I’m guessing I won’t be able to get a park reservation for that day…
I might have to call the main line and see what can be done about that.

I found the actual UT refund language and I think I actually should be able to link them, but I emailed for confirmation. The bold is mine.

Mailed Ticket: 90-Day Return Policy - 95% of the item(s) order amount will be refunded back to you. Yup, we are friendly frogs. The 5% fee will cover the delivery, handling and the processing fees associated with accepting payment and fulfilling the order. Tickets must have been purchased within the last 90 days and not gone past the start date selected. They cannot have been modified by Disney Guest Services or through My Disney Experience or been activated by entering the park. Expired tickets , or any ticket not currently sold on this site are non-refundable . Please contact our customer service team so we can give you instructions to make the process run smoothly.

We have Disney “tickets” (a 1 day pass and a 4 day 1 park each) passes in the gift card section at our local Kroger. Out of curiosity would those work? If those were purchased now would they be able to be linked?

Edited to add If we cannot hop as well as not be able to go to the water parks I would like to add a day or two of regular base tickets to our Sept trip. Not sure if Disney would let me add on one more day?

Does ne1 else think that ppl with reservations will still be able to access the park reservation system? I can’t imagine WD allowing resort guests no way of accessing the parks…

these unknowns are exactly why we cancelled our vacation. We had a DVC reservation but our time to bank points was yesterday. With no way to guarantee that we would be able to purchase tickets as we were waiting to see what the situation would be, we had no choice to but to cancel. When asking a CM at DVC about it all I got was information forwarded from Disney’s site showing ticket sales being put on hold. The CM I spoke with had no idea if/when tickets would go on sale or any information on whether or not we’d be able to purchase them before our trip. With that much uncertainty we cancelled and banked our points so we could go next year.

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I have said elsewhere that I personally believe that they are overbooked by the 30% occupancy they’ve stated they are trying to keep parks and resorts at. Because of that, they are just going to keep making a trip unappealing until enough people cancel to get them under that number. So that they don’t have to pick and choose who gets to go and who doesn’t.

I’m not confident that resort reservation holders without tickets will get access to the reservation system until all ticket holders with reservations and AP holders get their picks. Which is when they’ll reopen ticket sales, because only then will they know how many they can sell.

(Again, my opinions only.)


I agree with you. Maybe they’re not overbooked but perhaps close enough that the situation of almost nobody being able to reserve days other than people already on property/AP/DVC isn’t worth the bad press it’ll get. Which is why I’m waiting until much closer to the trip (July 16) before I cancel. Right now it’s super-unappealing to go but I’m hoping they offer some kind of incentive to cancel. Instead of simply offering a halfway experience to convince me it’s not worth it (which to me it isn’t), I want them to woo me to cancel!

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I like where your head is at with this. I also think many people aren’t cancelling because of the wait and see effect. Wearing a mask all day in 90 degree heat and humidity is going to be awful…it honestly will. I think people are waiting to see or hear reports about just how strict Disney is with this. Unfortunately I think there are a handful that think “I won’t really need to wear the mask all the time”.

I could be wrong.

thank you @ninjasherrie for taking the time to tell me again LOL :wink: As a AD-MIL family we never buy tickets in advance. I’ve lost count how many reservations have had to cancel and rescheduled due to deployments and surprise orders. We wait until we get there and go to the SoG ticket sales office. I really hope they make some exceptions for this situation. Although I understand.

I didn’t mean it in a snarky way, so I hope you didn’t take it as such. I’ve just lost track of where I said what, lol!

I almost bought- I got as far as the payment screen- this morning and then decided to take a step back and think before I sunk another 1700 into this trip. Came back this afternoon and poof! the option for WDW tickets is limited to Florida AP. Just like my ADRs… it’s just gone…

Guess there’s nothing to do but keep my fingers crossed that everything will work out in the end…

no snark heard or felt… this is all a frustrating time for all of us. We all want to get back to normal and normal is just a setting on your dryer…LOL. There’s soooo much thread to go through I was really appreciative of your thoughts, my thanks was sincere… gosh I hope you didn’t think I was being rude… I wasn’t :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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