Ticket issue

I have friends going to cheerleading event at WDW in May. They were required to book 3 days through the cheerleading thing but were told they would get the park tickets when they arrive at hotel so they can’t make FPs until then. They booked 3 additional days before the cheerleading competition so they can book the FPs for those 3 days but I was looking for a way for them to make FPs for all 6 days at the 60 day mark which is in 5 days. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

There is no way to book fast passes without tickets. Any strategy (booking a package and cancelling) would need to be cancelled well before when you will get the other tickets. I would plan MK and EP for the days that they will not be able to prebook.


The only thing they could do to let them book their extra days would be to buy another 3-day ticket and link it to MDE. That would let them book FPs.

And then when they get their “cheer” ticket, move the extra 3-day ticket to a dummy profile (or get their tickets prioritised), to be used for a future trip.

The tickets will expire but they can be used towards the cost of a new one.

This is what I would do. Both parks are easily managed without FPPs booked far in advance.

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Ok thanks. I was thinking of having them get FPs for HS on two of the first three days and then maybe park hopping to AK and Epcot in the afternoon those days.

Keep an eye on that to help with planning. Morning FPPs can be tricky at DHS early in the trip, depending on what they are wanting to ride.

Yeah but that is really the only option because there will be none of the main rides available when they get there and get to book the other three days. DIBB is pretty accurate and looks like they may be able to get SDD or at worst they can get TSM, RNRC, and TOT

They may get lucky with an hours change too depending on how and when Disney decides to update and adjust DHS opening hours with all the new stuff (ex: right now my day - 4/7 is still scheduled as a 9AM opening, but pretty sure it will be changed mid month).

Are they wanting to try for a BG while there? Could they tap in to do BG and then go to Epcot for the morning, returning to DHS in the afternoon? If they did that on the first day and were successful on the first day, could open up options on day 2 (wouldn’t necessarily have to start at DHS).

Ok my friend Is actually staying at the same hotel for 6 days and has a 3 day PH linked currently. Then when they get down there for the cheerleading event they are given the other 3 day ticket. So on the 60 day mark can I make 3 days of FPs for any of those 6 days and then they will make the other 3 day FPs when they arrive. So basically I would make FPs for day 4,5, and 6 now to lock in the tougher rides.

Yes, they can make FPs for any of those days as long as the dates on the tickets cover those days (check what the other tickets dates will be but I think those are usually flexible).

Thanks. It looks like the tickets when they get down there they would get the 2nd day of the trip

Only one day?

Sorry. They have a trip from May 5-11th. They have a 3 day ticket and then will get another 3 day ticket given to them in May 6th from the cheerleading thing.

just make sure you are careful with the date specific tickets they are buying for the days at the end of the stay.

Are 3 day tickets good for 6 days?

When I look at their tickets it says valid 5/11

So I was thinking book FPs for day 1,5, and 6. Then they could use the three day ticket they get when they arrive for day 2,3, and 4

I don’t think that will work:


3 days tickets are only good for 5 days.

Ok thanks for the help. I will play it safe then thanks

Sorry for all the questions. Do u think I could book FPs for day 1,4, and 5. Then when they get their tickets there on day 2 they can link them and use them for day 2,3, and 6? Sorry just trying to make sure I can get them some of the best FPs in the mornings and that is hard if I just do day 1,2, and 3

You should be able to do that. FPs aren’t linked directly to specific tickets, the tickets just allow you to book FPs. It’s just that you will only be able to book for any 3 days between days 1 to 5 until you get there.

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