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I need help with the best way to buy tickets. My family has never done the water parks, and we want to do one day this time. We have also always purchased the MYW package. I am wondering if that is best or not. We will not be park hopping. We will be staying at Pop. These are my days:
Day 1-MK
Day 2-HS
Day 4-Rest Day
Day 5-AK
Day 6-Blizzard Beach

What is the best/cheapest way for me to buy these tickets?

4 day theme park and 1 day Water Park is cheaper than adding the Water Parks option to the base ticket. If you do decided to say go to DisneyQuest or play Mini-Golf that rest day, the WPF&M option is going to be better

Thanks for the help!

Agree that it takes at least 2 ‘extras’ to make WPF&M a better option.

One thing I didn’t realize until recently, if you add WPF&M to a non-expire ticket, it also gives you WPF&M forever. Small upgrade to relatively expensive tickets with a big payback. Even if all your park days are used on the non-expire, the WPF&M are still active. I will be doing this upgrade to our non-expires so that we can one-sy two-sy the WPF&M’s in the future.

Also, try the ticket calculator for your trip (on the left side of your dashboard) ‘Buy tickets’. It will help you find the best option.

Good luck!

There is no longer a non expiring option for tickets. It was removed with the latest increase. Non expiring tickets purchased previously will still be honored.

Right @Outer1, thanks for clarifying!

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Wow! I did not realize there was a ticket calculator on the dashboard! I was a member of Lines/TP for years, posting often (under another username: rosalyndaellis). In February 2014, I let my subscription expire since I did not have any upcoming trips. I have a new countdown and have found myself missing the Disney discussion, so I rejoined. When I logged in, I realized things have changed quite a bit in a year! This place is totally different. I feel like a newbie all over again! It will take me a while to figure out all of the cool new stuff. I was pleased to find that TP listened to us and gave us a search option and bookmark option. Love those!

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