Ticket Help Needed

A 3 day trip for the beginning of May turned into a 7 day trip and I’m second guessing how I went about purchasing tickets and wondering if there’s anything I can do about it.
Originally bought 3 day base tickets through UCT in December when they had a ‘pay kids prices’ special ($401.11, including tax). When we decided to extend the trip in March, I added a 1 day base ticket for AK (149+ 9.69 tax=$158.69). Also decided to get an after 5pm Twilight convention ticket for a day I knew we would only be spending the evening at the park (78.87+5.13 tax=$84.00).
For a grand total of $628.98 ($643.80 including tax).
I realize now that for almost the same cost, I could’ve gotten a 7 day base ticket for slightly more ($643.67, $685.51 including tax). Or, a 7 day convention base ticket for even cheaper ($521, $554.87 including tax).
Is there anything I can do about this, or am I s#*t out of luck (possibly because the original ticket was purchased through UCT)? I was wondering if I called or went to GS on arrival day if maybe I could convert the total spent into one ticket that would cover the whole trip.
Any help, experience, or advice is much appreciated!

I’m 99% sure you’re out of luck here, sorry

I guess it never hurts to ask, right? But I can’t see them giving you 2 “free” days because you just now realize you’ve paid as much for 5 as you could have gotten for 7. When purchasing more days, particularly for 6 days and more, the cost is always quite minimal to add additional days; the fist 5days are the most expensive part of your 6+ day ticket. And an 1 day ticket is always the most expensive. I think you’ve had an expensive lesson to learn unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hopefully the trip will be lovely just the same.

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Thanks, that’s what I figured. I may call just to see what they say if I have some time to kill. And/or pop over to guest services when I arrive.
I have no doubt that it will be a great trip!
And I’m not disappointed at all if that’s the case, this was supposed to be a more relaxed trip anyway. Just thought if it was possible, it might be nice to be able to swing into a park for a couple rides or to walk around a bit on a planned non-park day (split stay GF/Dolphin so very close to parks).

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Your tickets from Undercover Tourist should be refundable - they offer a 365-day refund policy, as long as you haven’t used them. They will give you back 95% of what you paid. You could look into that, see if it makes sense to try returning them.

I’ll definitely look into that, thank you!

If I’m able to get a refund from UCT, will I be able to roll what was spent on the 1 day ticket and the twilight ticket into a 7 day ticket? Or even better, a 7 day convention ticket?

Not sure if this will be helpful to anyone, but just wanted to update that I was able to get a 95% refund (thank you @MAFK!) from UCT,a very easy process. I then called the convention ticket line and they were able to credit me for the 1 day base ticket and twilight convention ticket and put that toward a 7 day convention hopper for essentially same cost as I had originally paid. So, for a few dollars more, we now get almost 3 extra days PLUS the ability to hop. I’m glad I called, I wasn’t hopeful but I figured the worst that could happen was for them to say no, but to my surprise they were more than happy to help.