Ticket gaffe--please tell me it's gonna be OK :)

I accidentally bought tickets from Undercover Tourist that expire in March of 2019, and I’m not going to WDW until July of 2019 (I bought right before the ticket structure changes). Of course I didn’t heed the advice of the packaging that said, “Please check that your order is correct before opening this bag…once tickets are linked to any app or profile they are no longer returnable or refundable.” In my excitement over their arrival, I immediately linked them in MDE, and then noticed the expiration date in horror!

Am I correct that I will be able to apply the money I spent on these to buying new tickets? Do I need to wait to do this in person at guest services, or should I call Disney now?

I believe you will do it in person at Guest Services.

My concern is you won’t be able to book FPP before your stay, as the tickets won’t be valid. I would definitely call well before then.

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Oh good thought.

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Or… you could take a trip in March. :wink:


Have you considered selling these tickets to someone who can use them before March? You can get your money back and peace of mind!

Edited to add: you can easily transfer them in MDE if you decide to go this route!


I like this suggestion best! LOL


Thanks for the advice, everyone! I think I’m gonna call Disney, but if that doesn’t work, I have a MVMCP only trip in December. I can visit Guest Services then, and make sure that I get the ticket issue straightened out well in advance of my FPP day.


@jodielyon I bought tickets from undercover tourist too. How do you know when they expire? I am worried now that I may have the same problem

I think their e-tickets are good until December 31, 2019, but the plastic tickets they’re selling right now expire early in 2019. The sticker on the outside of my package said they expired in February 2019, but when I put them into MDE, it said they expired in March 2019.