Ticket extra day

So given the way our trip is now we have an extra day on our tickets that we aren’t going to use. Does anyone know if there’s any penalty for not showing up on a park reservation day? (We ended up with an 8 day for the price of 7 from UT, it was the exact same price as the 7 so I just grabbed it).

What I’m thinking is to make a park reservation day the day before our first park day - not to use, but the practice Genie+ a little. Then I obviously won’t tap in, so no harm. Does this seem like a reasonable strategy? Anyone see a downside?

No penalty

Practice to your heart’s content.


If rides are down at the end of the night (last hour) you could also pick up some LL that would convert to anytime LL for thr nect day. I wouldn’t recommend picking up high value LL that others may want, but if there is an hour left at MK amd rides are down, why not?


This is genius and if we don’t make it to MK our first night I’m going to try it.