Ticket extension question

OK, so I have 7 day tickets that were extended to Sept 26 2021. When I look at them on MDE it says 7 days valid March 24 to sep 26 2021. Also notes do not need to be consecutive.

So can these be used any 7 days from now until Sept 26 of next year? Could we use 4 days in July and the other 3 on another trip next year? I know that is not how they were working, but the language has me thinking they opened this up…

7 day tickets have never had to be consecutive days. Usually you have to use them within a designated period of time after activation - 7 days in a 14 day period for example.

Spoke to a cast member yesterday, according to him, yes, the 7 days would be valid any individual 7 days through the expiration date of Sept 26.

So I would be able to use 4 days this year and the other 3 would remain valid for use until Sept 26. He also stated that it is cheaper to add dates to an existing ticket than purchase new. As long as I added days before using the final day on the ticket, I could still add days.

If this info is true, it appears I can use 4 days this year. Save the remaining 3 for our trip next year and then add 4 more (or what ever we would want to add) at that time. If that’s the case… Puts us in a good spot

I don’t think that’s correct.

It is true you can use them any 7 days in that window…but once you use them on day one, the clock starts ticking on when the rest of the days expire. The window of number of days depends on the number of days on the ticket. I don’t have those windows memorized, but for example, a four day ticket might have to be used within 7 days of first day used. A 7 day ticket might need to be used within 11 days of first use day, etc.

I suppose it is possible that Disney changed their policy temporarily, but I doubt it.

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I’m not quite sure it is accurate that you can add days, but the new way that tickets show up in MDE leave a lot of ambiguity around whether it has changed from X dates from first use. My ticket now says “Any 7 days between 10/18/20 and 9/26/21.”

Hmm. Interesting. I hadn’t notice the subtle language change. But you’re right. So, perhaps the CM is correct about that.

I would be surprised if you can add days to that ticket, however. I expect that if you want additional days, they will make you purchase a new date-based ticket. Otherwise the “extended” ticket could act as a kind of cheap annual pass until Sept. 2021, but with you just paying for the days you want.

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I agree, it would create quite the loophole.

I spoke with another CM today who finally was able to change our resort. She confirmed that I could use the 7 day tickets any 7 days until Sept 26, 2021.you do not ha e to use all the days within so many days of the first use.

She could not confirm if you could or could not add days and suggested we speak to ticking at the park if we want to go that route.

Also, park hoppers, they will refund you the cost of the hoppers.

Interesting. I asked this same question a few weeks ago and was told that the tix kept the usual window of use, despite the wording that makes it sound like the days can be used a little here a little there. I planned on just waiting until parks reopened to hear what the reality is.

Military salute tickets have always worked like that. Any day until expiration date until the length of ticket was used up. Not 14 days from activation. It has also been weird to me that there was a difference for them. You can not add days to military tickets though.
Maybe Disney is temporarily changing their ticket use policy for people who had their vacations cancelled?

Yeah, I guess we won’t truly know until we see it in practice. Just going off of what 2 CM’s have stated at this point. The one today sounded very knowledgeable and confident in the answer. Even gave an example of if the parks were open tomorrow and you only used 2 days, you could then have 5 days to use at any time prior to expiration.