Ticket expiration

I have a split stay booked in September. I purchased 4 day park hopper plus tickets. According to the website and the cast member that I purchased my package from, these tickets expire 8 days from my arrival date. ( the Plus added two days to the expiration period) But now on the app it says that my tickets expire after 6 days. ( like No days for the Plus were added) I am staying on property for 5 days and off for 3. Can any of you tell me, if you have faced this issue? I get a different answer each time I contact disney. Mostly that they are good for 8 days and not to sweat it. But then sometimes I hear that they expire when I check off disney property. I don’t want to lose days and arrive on day 7 to hear that I can’t use my ticket. Thanks

You purchased separate from your room reservation, right?

What is the date you selected to start your tickets (since you purchased them separately they may or may not start on the same day you arrive - it depends what you selected

Once you have that information you can walk through the ticket purchase again, obviously without completing it to see what it says on the purchase site. If you want a second set of eyes, I’d be happy to do that LMK

So I just did a fake purchase, and if I select 4 day park hopper plus it shows good for any four days from the start date through the next 8 days.

IE I selected 9/8 and the ticket would be good from 9/8 - 9/15

Strange you picked my exact dates. But my ticket were purchased with my room. However, the cast member stated good through the 15th. And I double checked. But now they expire on the 13th.

Oh, that matters

It’s gotten all confusing since they made tickets date based. Let me go research and I’ll be back

Thank you. They (cast members) don’t know either. Thus the conflicting answers when I call. But seriously this injures the plus option on tickets.

Just created a dummy trip package for the full duration of your trip with room only and tickets.
Tickets would be good 9/8-15

Then did a split stay with tickets purchased on first half of stay"

In both cases the tickets should be good from 9/8-9/15


Can you see that you have the correct tickets? I screen shot this chart a couple of weeks ago:

This says a regular 4 day ticket expires in 7 days so how are you getting 6? I would call.

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I will call again tomorrow. I just get conflicting answers. The tickets say park hopper plus ticket expire on 9-13. (Start date of 9-8). Very strange and frustrating. I fear I will get there and the system will kick us out on the 13th

Does it say the same thing in the app and online?

Just spoke with cast member (SIsco) who says that the plus adds nothing but the ability to leave the parks for a portion of the day and visit the water parks! He further said mine is 6 days because I am leaving disney property!!! I’s furious. This is incorrect but to get a different answer every time I call is maddening.

Well that’s rubbish. The snip I posted above has you leaving 9/11 and who knows where you’re going but the tix are good til 9/18

What are your ACTUAL dates for first half of split stay (part of stay to which tix are attached)?

I am on Disney property 9/8-9/13 then off site 9/13-9/16. I finally spoke with guest services (after Sisco) and they fixed it. Tickets expire on the 15th. Thank you. Not sure what the issue was but seems like a technical issue. Either way it seems fine now. Thanks again