Ticket expiration question

Hi everyone!
Quick question… We have a tentative trip planned for December, and I have 2 ticketing questions…

  1. If I purchase tickets online will they be immediately available in MDE? Our FPP day is October 12th, and I want to be sure we have them in time to make the selections…
    For example, if I buy them on October 11th, will they be linked with MDE before the FPP time? We are waiting to see if we are getting a puppy and may have to cancel our trip, so I want to wait it out until the last second!!!

  2. If we do purchase tickets, but cancel our trip, how long do we have to use the tickets?

Thank you!

  1. Are you buying them from Disney, or Undercover Tourist/other place? Once you have the tickets, you can add them into MDE yourself. I can’t speak to if you order them from Disney. I presume immediately, but I’ve never actually bought tickets directly from Disney in recent memory!

  2. They will be good through December 2019.

Thanks Ryan1,
I was intending to buy them directly from Disney (through the discounted conference ticketing site).
I presume that’s exactly like purchasing through Disney, but honestly, have no idea!

Thanks for your help,

To add to number 2 about what Ryan said

  • if you can’t go by the expiration, the tickets don’t just disappear and are not forever lost. You can pay the ticket upgrade fee, which is the price of the ticket increase. Usually it’s about $5 or so per ticket. Then it would expire by December 2020. Don’t use it by then, add the price of the ticket increase again, etc.

Okay. I can’t speak to that at all, then, I’m afraid! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

Personally, I wouldn’t wait until the day before FP day to buy them. Yes, they should show up immediately if you buy from Disney and you’re logged on, but if there are any issues you could miss the window. If you have to link them from UT, then there could be an unforeseen problem doing so.

Give yourself a week to get any problems with MDE ironed out.

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