Ticket Expiration Date Resets

Planning on either a fall 2018 or spring 2019 trip. Right now if you buy tickets they expire 12/31/2018. Does anyone know if, come January 2018, the tickets will begin expiring in 2019 instead of 2018?

How does it normally work for Disneyland – that might be our best benchmark – I know people might not know yet as this is the first year (in recent history anyways) that Disney World tickets have expiration dates?

Trying to plan ahead for future price increases.

They said that although the tickets expire you can apply the amount paid towards the cost of a new ticket. I do not think they have committed that this can be done online. I believe the whole reason for the expiration date is so that you can no longer buy a ticket and then save it to use after 3 or 4 price increases.

True dat.

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Hmm, so do you think they will only move the expiration date to a 2019 when there is a price increase?

I totally get why they did it — people were treating Disney tickets like future commodities which isn’t good for cash flow.

I could still possibly buy an AP since it looks like those will still be able to be activated up until 2030 :slight_smile:

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Yes, an AP bought now will also allow you to get the AP discount in the Shop app and to view all passholder room discounts.