Ticket dilemma

I have a hotel only stay booked for the end of April. Was planning on buying tickets from undercover tourist this month (I need 2 adult tickets for DS10 and me). Now I’m not sure that we will be going due to hockey. Basically I would like to put off buying tickets for as long as possible, but hockey things may not be decided until Jan or Feb. If he does not go in April, I will take DS6 in April or Nov.

  1. Is there a downside to not buying tickets until Jan? Price going up? Are park days for the end of April really going to book up in Jan? I doubt it, so this is what I’m leaning towards doing.
  2. The undercover tourist website says they provide refunds with a 5% restocking fee (which is significant when it’s $2000 CND in tickets). They also seem to do changes, but what happens if I need to change 2 adult tickets to 1 adult and 1 child? Would they refund me the difference?

You might want to actually ask UT directly about some of your concerns. I have found their customer service, historically, to be quite good.

As far as waiting…it is always a gamble, because Disney could choose to raise prices at any time…but historically, I think the January/February months are most common.

If you are able to act fast, often as soon as Disney raises prices, UT will still have a limited number of tickets at the previous price point…so if Disney announces an increase, you can jump over to UT immediately and still be okay (usually).

You can’t make park reservations until you have tickets.

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Oh yeah I remember hearing that before! Good point.

Do you think I should be concerned about end of April dates booking up in January?

If the dates coincide with spring break times, then yes.


I would definitely keep an eye on availability and be ready to make a decision when dates in early April start filling up.

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I think this is a good plan!

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