Ticket Conundrum

We are starting to plan out our Christmas 2020 trip (Dec 19-26) and looking at UT for tickets as we almost always buy from them for their good prices and good customer service. I used the MouseSavers Newsletter link and started shopping. Here’s my problem. UT has park hoppers and water park option tickets listed for 2020! So, #1…I thought that no one was selling either park hopper or water park options until 2021, because I KNOW Disney isn’t allowing park hopping and the water parks are closed. #2…we really don’t want to use the water park option anyway (or park hopper since I know Disney won’t allow it right now), but both those listed ticket prices are less than the single day tickets they have listed. Am I not thinking of something if I just buy the cheapest option (single park days with water park option) and just use them as regular tickets? What am I not thinking of?

We were looking at 6 day tickets starting on 12/18. Here is the price breakdown:

Regular single park tickets - $568.94 each
Park Hopper - $532.38 each
Single Park Tickets with Water/Sports Option - $517.43 each

Help me…what am I not considering here if I do this?

Although UT have those tickets listed, many people have reported that you cannot actually purchase them.

I have a feeling your question is a moot one, for that reason.,

And I suppose those people are right. Just tried to keep going with the purchase to see what happened, and my selected date was erased. It wouldn’t let me back into the 2020 dates after that.

Ah, well, it was worth a try anyway!


Boardwalk Ticketing has tickets for your dates for $554.89 for adult tickets. Just so you know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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