Ticket collection tips?


Finally arrive next week from UK. Can’t wait!

I don’t want the first day planning to be hit with time wasted collecting my pre-booked tickets, so I was planning on swinging by the parks to collect tickets before my first touring day.

I asume I can do this and that my 14 day ticket won’t “go live” until we first actually go through a turnstile?

Also, I figure collecting them from typhoon lagoon would be easiest as less busy than the TTC and parking at downtown Disney seems a nightmare with construction causing delays.

Does this sound a good idea?


Are you staying off site with tickets purchased online through Disney?

Yes I’m on I-drive and have booked tickets through Disney.

I like your plan then although if you could get to DTD during the day they say the parking hasn’t been as big a problem (you would park in the garage and walk to GS).