Ticket cancellation

Long story short - we were set to leave for Disneyland in a week but DD2 and DS3m have RSV. Definitely not worth the risk to travel so we’ll be staying home unfortunately.

I think from reading the Disneyland website I can just cancel our park reservations and use the tickets for a future date (so not tied to a specific date like DW). Is that accurate?

Sorry you have to cancel! Yes, you can just cancel the park reservations and rebook different dates.


Correct - you can cancel your reservations no problem. If you forget to cancel and are a no show, there is no penalty - your ticket is not considered used until you enter the turnstiles, but still I’d cancel so you can reserve your new dates.

If your later trip is after the expiration of your current tickets, you will have to call to get the value applied to new tickets. In some cases they make you go to the on-site ticket booths to do this.