Ticket Advice Please

Hi. My son and I are going to WDW in April. He’s 11, its his first trip. I was there (gulp) 20 years ago, so kinda my first trip, too! We arrive at Orlando airport at noon on a Tuesday and our flight out is at 6 pm the following Tuesday. I was wondering if I should get park tickets for arrival and/or departure days? We are staying at Coronado Springs. I know it’s not a lot extra to add days, but maybe $$ could be better spent at DDisney or something? Thank you!!

I would at least get a ticket for the arrival date. After checking in to our resort and settling in for a couple of hours, we love to hop over to MK, catch a few rides, and see the nighttime parade and Fireworks. It’s so cheap to add extra days when you’re going to be there for a week. And with a 6 pm departure, I would also consider getting a ticket for that day as well. You may want to spend a day at your pool, downtown Disney, or resort hopping, but for just a few extra dollars, you have to freedom to pop into a park and ride a couple of favorites one extra time or have a nice meal at one of the EPCOT restaurants.

You don’t need to decide now. I would buy a ticket for 4/5 days and add on when there if needed.

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I would suggest you buy tickets Tuesday-Tuesday. Once you are at five days it is only about ten dollars more a day. More importantly- buy them today! You need to make your fast passes!

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You definitely have plenty of time on arrival day to enjoy one of the parks. Seeing an evening fireworks show can be a great introduction to the parks (and crowds). Of course, if you’d rather spent the day enjoying the warmth and swimming at your resort, then you could do that too. As for the last day, I’ll often like to return to a park for a few favorites and a meal on getaway day.

If it were me, I’d pick the extra park time, but if you want to spent a day without going into the parks, then that’s great, too.

@LE_New_England, I am really worried. Have you not bought tickets and reserved your fast passes?

This is the first thing I thought too! You need FPP, like yesterday! I would buy tickets for all days, including arrival and departure. DTD is not on our list of places to visit until they finish construction and the parking issues, so I would skip it and go to a park instead.
You are going to buy those tickets today, right? You are giving us a heart attack with the FPP :wink:. They are usually booked 60 days out if staying onsite so you will already have less options.

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Thanks. All good info. It is a bit of a last minute trip so I’m worried, too, about fastpass. We have accepted that we won’t have as many options and will be doing some waiting in lines. All of our ADRs have been made. Wish us luck!

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Tickets purchased. FPs reserved. Sleep well, sweet people. :wink:


Well, thank goodness. We all can sleep now :smile:.