Tiana, Merida, tangled

What are the usual wait times for these characters. I'm going in two week and forgot to add these into my plans. Oppppps

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When I went on crowd 1 days, we waited 20 mins for Merida and Tiana was less than 10. Ariel's meet and greet is tracked and should be a longer wait than these two. I would check out her forecast and plan on slightly less.

In the fall, we've happened upon Tiana & Naveen at their spot by the Christmas Shoppe and waited 10. We RD'd Merida (2 years ago, when Brave was still popular) and waited 15. Haven't done the Ariel M&G but as @teamcooyon said, you can watch the times on your app. Kennythepirate.com is a good source for up-to-date characer m&g's.

Did Merida a RD in August on a level 6 day and our wait was 20-25 minutes, including waiting for the M&G to open. MK opened at 9:00am that day and the M&G opened at 9:15.

Good point. I didn't add the time waiting for the m&g to open.

We just got back from our trip. We did Merida around 9:20 on a level 2 day and still waited about 20 minutes. Tiana we waited about 10 minutes at 7 p.m. that same day.

Oh and you asked about Tangled - Rapunzel. She's at Princess Fairy Tale Hall with Cinderella. Waits can be anywhere form 20 to 60 minutes depending on when you go. You can FP this one as well, we did. Even with a FP we waited 10 minutes or so to actually meet her.