Thunder storms and fireworks

I know that Fantasmic will cancel because of bad weather, but do the fireworks ever cancel because of weather?

I think fireworks can be cancelled @donald263. We were in MK last 3rd of July and the fireworks were delayed something like 2 1/2 hours because of storms. That leads me to believe that hey can be cancelled, but I have no first hand knowledge of it.

I have actually heard that once they are set up they have to set them off. Something about it being more hazardous to try to disassemble than to do so. So probably if they can delay they will, and if not they are set off whenever the weather clears enough?

I wish I could remember where I heard that.

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I’ve only been to WDW on two trips so far, but on the first one back in 2010 I do remember that they canceled he fireworks on one evening due to weather.