Throwing Away Fastpasses, Party of 6

We are visiting 11/17-11/22. It will be me, DH, DS19, DD10 and my parents. We are staying off site. We will attend MVMCP on Sunday the 17th and not visit a park during that day. Since we will be at the party so late, our first day (Monday 18th) will be at HS and I have us arriving no earlier than 11 am so everyone can get some rest. I need to make FastPass+ selections for this day on Saturday and I’m curious what more experienced visitors would suggest. I’ve thought about scheduling a Tier 1 for as soon as we arrive at 11 (they want to do them all so any would be fine) but scheduling the 2 Tier 2 FastPass+ for early morning when we actually won’t be there. My thought was if those 2 early morning fall off, as soon as I tap in for the Tier 1 attraction I can look for another Tier 1, ideally, look for a SDD at the 12:01 drop since I will not be able to get it at the 30 mark.


Do I just make everything for after we arrive and just go with the modify, modify, modify mentality and hope I stumble on a SDD? Thoughts? Also, I’m making reservations for a group of 6. Is it better to do it in smaller groups or since these are initial FP selections will I be able to get a group of 6 OK?

I would book one tier 1 and tier 2 (star tours) at a time you will actually use them. The other tier 2 I would book early and hope it drops off when it expires.

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The system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after the time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window. However, this is not a guarantee.

If you truly don’t want to do any of the Tier 2 attractions, just tap in and walk away. You can modify each one as you need to.

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This ^^^^^^^

It gives a chance they will expire and drop off at least.

If they don’t, you can then modify them to the nearest tier2 attraction so you can tap in and run and start searching for another tier1.

Obviously if anyone actually wants to see a show, then book that for them. And if you aren’t riding ST, then you can tap and run twice if the earlier FPs haven’t dropped off.


If you arrive on the 17th, your FP date should be tomorrow, not Saturday if my math is right. We arrive on 11/16 and today is our 30 day mark. We are staying onsite, so I did my FP last month.

We will be at HS that same day. I would go with the advice of make the reservations for when you’ll be there. I kind of messed mine up, but will be ok. We are really in to Star Wars, so the morning will be in GE. The problem for me is I have a lightsaber build at 9:30 and a droid build at 11. Then I need to ride the falcon. I didn’t do my first FP until 1:40pm (RRC) followed by Indiana Jones and then Star Tours. We only have 1 day in HS and need to be out by 6 for a dining reservation, so unlikely I’ll get any TS rides in.

My mess up was I wasn’t planning on the SW reservations coming out when they did in August AND I didn’t realize I would only be at HS 1 day. So, I have about an hour of downtime between the SW reservations to shop, then it will depend on the wait for Smuggler’s Run. In case we need to leave, I wish I had done Star Tours as my first FP and then RRC as my last, so it’s closer to the exit if we have to leave right after. Oh well, it will work out, but I would clarify your FP date so you don’t miss out if it is indeed tomorrow.

*Edit: Also, we are a party of 7. Only 4 of us will do RRC and Star Tours, maybe 5. I did all of our FP’s for everyone as I am the only one planning and I was not about to start doing 2 here, 3 there, 5 here type stuff. If you don’t want to ride it, tap in to release it and go find something to do or hang out and wait :slight_smile:

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