“Throwaway” PPO ADR?

Firstly I’d like to say that I would never do this, but I’m just curious as to whether it’s technically possible, or whether I have missed something.

Granted I’ve never done a PPO ADR so not exactly sure how they work, but the way I understand it, if you have, say, an 8am ADR for BOG, you can get into MK before rope drop and if you’re quick you can be out and on a ride before the crowds are let in. Is this correct?

If so, my thought was, what if someone booked a PPO ADR, got into the park early, and then just skipped out on the ADR and went on some rides instead? Basically they’d be getting EMH for $10 (the cost of skipping out on the ADR)

Would this work? Does a CM walk with you to the restaurant? Would they know if you didn’t go in and eat? Would this only work if MK already had EMH?

PPO is a ticket inside the park before opening, but rides aren’t open until rope drop. So you’d be inside but riding with everyone else.


And if there was EMH, you wouldn’t be allowed to ride if you weren’t staying onsite. I guess it would work if there was EMH, beat the crowd to the FP line. But you’d be paying $10 extra per person to do so.


So what if it was a day when there was EMH 8-9? Is it right that they scan your magic band for EMH so that only onsite guests can ride?

And does that mean that people who have a PPO ADR don’t actually get to ride anything before 9, but they can just get in the queue ready for 9?

You could do this. It’s not the same as Extra Magic Hours, but you can often ride at least one attraction before most guests are admitted into the park, so it does really give you a jump on crowds. There are many (but not all) mornings where you might get 2 or 3 rides on 7DMT, though that’s also possible at Be Our Guest if you arrive right when they open at 8am and finish your meal quickly.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the no-show fee is per-person, so if you made a reservation for 4, then you’d be on the hook for $40.

Yes, they will scan your bands for an EMH day. And also for EMM, the paid for event. So either way, you would be held until 9am.

With a PPO reservation, You can often get one ride on before the crowds arrive, in any case you’ll be front of line before the RD crowds descend.

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For MK you may as well go in and eat a cupcake - cheaper than the no show fee.

Perhaps this (clearly not honest - so still not doing it) strategy would be more useful at one of the other parks where the PPO strategy involves a more expensive character meal?

How so? You would still not be able to ride anything. Standing around for an hour inside the park gets you no advantage. I fail to see how the strategy would be better …?

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You could in theory be the first one in line, which is all a PPO at BOG “guarantees” you. Haven’t heard anyone in a while reporting multiple rides. You’re coming out ahead at the other parks since you would definitely spend more than $10pp if you went to th ADR. At BOG you could spend far less.

Ah, OK!

When we did it in May, we had a full breakfast and were still first in line. And I will agree, we did not get multiple rides in. We got on one time and as we were coming off the ride, the RD crowd was descending on Fantasyland. Quite a sight to behold. It did give us a nice head start.

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That’s exactly what I experienced

This has been interesting! Thanks for your thoughts guys, as I said I was really just curious more than anything

I have for sure thought about it before! If only I had no conscience- darn you Jiminy Cricket! :joy: