Three times in 6 months isn't THAT bad, right?

So this morning I got the bad news that my Celebrity Apex cruise for Feb Break was cancelled. Not all together unexpected, but sad nonetheless.

I’ve done the “stay in NYC because I didn’t make plans” thing ONCE (the year Sandy hit and we lost part of the break week - you could only be out the days they took away if you had non-refundable tickets booked prior to the announcement) and it was hellacious!! I swore never again!

So… Just waiting to hear back from my TA for pricing on a couple of options for Feb Break at Disney! More info to come once I have that settled. :slight_smile:

So now I’ve got trips:
1/6-11 - CSR Standard
2/12-17 (will be - already have the flights) either CSR Standard or AoA
7/19-24 Poly Pool/Marina



No, not bad at all! Sounds like a great back-up plan.


Awesome!! :tada::tada:
Hope it all comes together for you!!


It’s not bad at all in my opinion but then again, I’m hoping for 4 times in 7 months :joy:


Is this a competition? what’s that phrase… asking for a friend… :rofl:


That’s amazing…

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I had to cancel a trip to the South Pacific for January. So of course why not add Disney? I totally get it.

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Slight tweak!

Staying at CBR for Feb. I’ll have just been at CSR the month before, plus it’s replacing a cruise to the Caribbean, so… And all the extra food options being at CBR will open up!

Since January and July will allow me to go in the “real” entrance of Epcot, I can deal with one trip going in the “fake” entrance.

Quite different than 1 trip in 6 years…

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