Three Resort Split Stay w/Dining Plan

This will be room only reservations to which I add the dining plan over the phone.

Original plan was straight stay in Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation. A very special kiddo loves the Little Mermaid so that is a must for part of the trip.

Then was thinking about starting at ASMu when it’s just me and DH to save some money, move over to AoA for the days the kiddo will be with us, and finish up the last three nights elsewhere.

Our last three days will be Resort Day, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios so something on the Skyliner or Epcot Resorts.

I want the dining plan.

Moving isn’t a problem because I have Resort Days built in where we would be changing resorts.

What I’m wondering about is the hassle of FP and Dining Plan credits.

Pros? Cons? I’m really gunshy about this.

I’m also guessing I will have to have 3 down payments…one for each of the rooms?

Fps won’t be a problem, your window will open for all 3 stays.

ADRs will have 3 separate windows. Dining credits will be a PITA. The credits for each stay expire at midnight of check-out day, regardless of when you check-into the next resort. However, you must use up every credit on one plan, including snacks, before you can use any credits from the next plan. That could mean splitting the check for meals, but it’s the snack credits that will be the problem.

I would also assume three down payments, but don’t have experience with US booking.

What about CBR for the third stay, unless you want to splurge?

Three down payments is correct.

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I was considering CBR, too. I love the look of the resort.

The DP issue sounds like a nightmare for me personally especially since this will be the first time I’m using it.

I think maybe I’ll just stay at AoA for this trip and visit around to the other resorts.

What about doing dining plan only for your shortest stay or just the middle stay? Since credits are good both on check in and check out day, 1 night of dining plan can cover 2 days. I’ve never done it, but ddp on a split stay is the only way I ever thought it would make sense for us.

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I don’t think that would be our best option financially for this trip, unfortunately.

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