Three (dessert) parties in one?

I am full of food questions today.

Talk to me about MK dessert parties like I’m an idiot (because I am).

It seems that there are three parties happening in TT all at once. Two pre-FW and one post-FW. Right? So three parties full of people there all at once? Fighting me for my chocolate and booze? And even garden view people can sit at the tables on the terrace during their portion of the party?

I would consider spending the few extra bucks to be able to sit at a table on the terrace but not if I have to scramble for a table when the garden view people get up and move out to the plaza.

Has there always been this kind of overlap? If so, how was the exerience?

The garden view and terrace parties use two different parts of the terrace. If you are entering from the Plaza side, the desserts are up in front of the QS area for the garden view. Tables are set up in the enclosed area in your right.

The terrace area is enclosed on the left and you enter from the ramp heading toward MILF.

The garden area is used before the fireworks, restocked/cleaned, and used by the after fireworks group.

Editing to add, the last few times I have been to one of these parties I was walked to my table. Your table will not be taken. Garden party guests do not have access to the terrace seating area.


Awesome! Thanks!

Heavy Christmas crowds have me thinking a dessert party is the way to go. We are a rope drop to fireworks crew around here. I have vague plans that we will leave the park midday to rest but I know we won’t. So, I thought being able to sit by that time of night might be good for my old bones.


Me with all the questions again. ADR for dessert parties exactly 60 days prior or can they be booked 60+10 like other ADRs?

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They should open with all dining. I have read reports the after parties are not happening if an after hours event is scheduled.

Awesome. Thanks!

Watch what the menus include. Have a late lunch and if the menu of the dessert party works, make that dinner. They might have some warm savory items. We stuffed ourselves silly with non-dessert, savory foods at dessert parties when they were offered before. Calling it dinner and a guaranteed good FW spot makes the price better, imo.


Sadly, it sounds like the savory options are some cheese and crackers. That’s rather disappointing. We did the Star Wars dessert party in 2019 and there were a ton of savory options. Going to have to decide if this is worth the $$ for us as my daughter has a nut allergy and often there are limited dessert options for her. At the Star Wars party they brought her an “allergy friendly treat bag”. It had a popsicle and an Enjoy Life chocolate bar. That was it. She ate plenty of savory treats so it worked out but not sure I can stomach $99 for a popsicle and some Ritz crackers.

This made me curious, so I looked on youtube for some reviews, and sure enough, it looks like the MK party only has cheese and crackers for savory options which is rather disappointing. But, Ol’ Walt is still makin more money, which is the most important thing, it seems.

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