Three Day Park Hopper Plan?


We have the book, and are following the suggestion to purchase the park hopper plan. Husband, wife and two daughters. (8 and 10).

I’m having difficulty with the Touring Plan customization tool. It forces you to select 1 park, vs the ability to park hop. Am I missing something?

Thanks so much. Stoked for the trip!

You can only make personalized TPs for a single park. So, if you want to hop from DL to DCA, you make a DL plan with a set end time, and then a DCA plan with a start time shortly thereafter.

My typical approach is one full day at each park, trying to get as much done as possible. The third day I RD at DL and then hop to DCA (and maybe back again to DL, if I’m staying late) to catch things I missed on the first day or for re-rides. DL is typically catching things I missed; DCA is typically about re-rides. If I even make a “formal” TP for day 3, it’s the night before, and I add only the things I want to do that day.

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I frequently have two plans, one for DL and one for DCA for the same day. Anytime that will be spent at the other park is built in as one long break.

The book and the TP software are a bit out of sync I think. The book suggests that we utilize the park hopper, and the software is really geared at preparing a tour plan for either 1 or the other parks.

Is the advantage of the park hopper pass the fast pass availability?

You can utilize Fast pass without a hopper. The park hopper is very easy to use in DLR because of the proximity of the parks & that’s why the book suggests it. The software is geared for planning one park just because I think the mathematics to add hopping in would be crazy and then the software would not run very optimally.

But you can manually build in hopping time by using my above suggestion to schedule an extra long break for the time you will be in the other park.

On trips when I’m not really following a TP, I frequently cross over to DCA during the mid-afternoon “crowded time” in MK. Lines for rides at DCA may be long, but the park never feels as crowded and it’s a good time to take in the sights and do the “non-ride” attractions.

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@bswan26 got a great plan that we also usually follow. Animation Academy is an awesome escape and time well spent! We usually find ourselves only going back into DL if we are seeing specific shows/parades/FWs and sometimes even then we stay in DCA to enjoy the nighttime ambiance. There’s so much of it in DCA that’s better at night.