Three castle parks in three years

Regarding the character breakfast on the day of departure: storytellers cafe seems like a great option. I just happen to see on the DL website that from March another character dinner option is offered. Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at napa rose. That sounds great too, especially since we have met mickey and co. very often while eating. BUT $ 125 for an adult?!? can that be correct? WOW

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Unfortunately it is correct. Too steep for my blood. If you go, I would love to hear your opinion on it. I MIGHT check it out solo sometime, but I cannot see spending that kind of money for the whole family. I would rather take that and spend a night at GC!


Children 3+ are the same price also which just makes it even more outrageous. Unless we come into a large sum of money unexpectedly, I also don’t think we would do this. There are many other things (Disney & non-Disney) that I would put that sum of money (or any other sum we already expect to get) towards first.


We certainly will not do that. The price is an absolute joke, even for our beloved Disney. Even the royal table in wdw is a real bargain in comparison. I still can not believe that they call such a price …


Hui, the news that Star Wars Land opens in Disneyland on May 31st surprised me a lot. What does that mean for my further planning? Since we want to come with the worst 1-day tickets, I wonder in particular how the required reservation works. Do I already have to buy the tickets now, pay for them and then hope to get a reservation?

Is it worth it with our plans if I assume that the CrowdLevel will increase massively. I am confused

It surprised me too. The required reservation is ONLY needed to enter Star Wars Land so unless you want to try to squeeze that into your 1 day, you won’t need to worry about obtaining one for yourself. You also already have a walking-distance hotel booked so you’re in good shape. I really liked the following article from Tom Bricker especially how he addresses how the opening dates impact your trip if you’ve already planned it.


I did it. I (surprisingly) was able to score a SWGE Reservation 6/7 2-6 PM at our DL visiting day. Very excited, but planning will now start all over again :joy:


Jumping for joy that you’ll have that as part of your day!! But yes, it will severely impact the plan for the rest of your park time.

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Has anyone does this princess adventures breakfast as a solo visitor?

Hello everybody, after the successful reservation of SWGE I stopped the planning for now. We are still very happy that it worked out. I have noticed that DLR is much more relaxed to plan than WDW. This was also confirmed thanks to this wonderful forum. Many thanks again for the great discussion and the valuable tips.

The plan is not to follow too precise a plan:

Arriving Day 6/6/19:
Goofy´s Kitchen (ADR for 7:30PM)
Maybe watch the fireworks from outside the park.
Maybe check out that little bit downtown Disney

Park day 6/7/19:
From 8 a.m. until about noon we explore DCA and basically follow the numerous tips from the forum. The order in which our “must do´s” is processed is primarily determined by the FP availability. Directly after the turnslides we will decide to book either GotG or RSR as the first fast pass and ride the other one stand-by.
Attractions we would like to ride are RSR, GotG, IC & Soarin. A few other attractions are nice to have, but will only be visited if the tight schedule allows it.

The decision where to have lunch will be made spontaneously. The good options are stored in mind.

Afterwards we hop to Disneyland and there it only becomes even more spontaneous.
I think the idea of letting the FP availability guide us is great.
As “Must Do´s” there are only a few attractions on the agenda, since we have already visited a total of 4 Disney Parks in the last two years. Indiana Jones is for me personally the only absolute obligatory ride. Of course there will be a priority list.

Apart from SWGE, of course. As a huge Star Wars fan I’m really excited about it. But since nobody knows everything about the crowd level and waiting times yet. We just let ourselves be surprised. I am very curious how long the waiting times for the Smuggler Run will be. I hope we can drive at least once without wasting several hours in line. Our timeslot is from 2PM - 6PM.

At 6:30 PM (ADR9 we will have a Hungry Bear Fantasmic to-go Package. I plan to watch the fireworks from the Fantasmic Viewing Area in the late evening.

Departure day 6/8/19:
Here we have basically nothing definitely planned. We even renounce another Character Breakfast, because we already had some Character Dinners and we prefer to invest the money somewhere else in California.


Your plan to play it by ear and be flexible is perfect! You’ve got lots of great options & one day.

I hope you report back on how the days goes!


Hello dear community, our holiday in the USA is now over and my family and I are safe and sound arriving back in Germany. Of course, I don’t want to hide how our plan has worked out in DLR. To start with: it was unbelievably good, much better than I ever thought possible.

I would even say we had the perfect day in DLR. I can hardly imagine that things could have gone better.

First of all to our arrival in the good neighborhood hotel “Best Western Plus Pavilions”. After we had left the terrible traffic in L.A. behind us, I was surprised how compact the whole resort presented itself. Of course compared to WDW. I think DLR is more like Disneyland Paris. I would recommend our hotel at any time. Of course, there are hotels that are much closer to the entrance, but the price-performance ratio here is one hundred percent right. The rooms were big enough, the staff very friendly and we didn’t have time for the pool anyway. Did the hotel have a pool at all; I have no idea. :wink:

The parking place was included in the price, which was not the case with all of our hotels during the trip. We also received breakfast vouchers for the adjacent Dennys. As a nice bonus we even got snack packages consisting of a small bottle of water, an apple and a cereal bar. In the Unofficial Guide, the hotel occupies a quite good place, which I can gladly confirm.

We needed about 15 minutes to walk to the entrance. Since we walked directly over the parking lot, the distance is about as if one would arrive at the worst parking space. Compared to WDW the distance is ridiculously short.

For the evening of the arrival “only” Goofys kitchen and a side trip to Downtown Disney was planned. We liked both very much.

Before we took our ADR, we had enough time to explore the small Downtown Disney.

My DW and DD were very happy about the Sephora Store (which doesn’t exist in Germany), while my DS and I supplied ourselves with a new autograph book and new lightsabers for the park visit.

We liked Goofy’s Kitchen very much and it was the perfect opportunity to get into Disney mood. The food was expensive but good. Everyone who books Character Dinner does it for the characters and less for the food. And here Disney delivered again.

I think there were the standard characters present. Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, Chip & Dale and Pluto. Everyone came to the table and signed an autograph and took photos as usual.

We didn’t buy the rather expensive souvenir photo. The photo that the PhotoPass photographer took with our camera was almost the same.

All in all as I said a great start into the Disney bubble. The fireworks I watched only a little bit from the hotel.

more comming soon


Resort Day - Part One

The Dennys breakfast vouchers were valid from 6:30 am to 10 am. Since I panicked a bit about the correct arrival time at the gate, I decided not to use the voucher. Instead, we went out around 06:30 to have breakfast at Starbucks.

I don’t want to evaluate whether this was necessary afterwards. It was an early entrance morning at DCA. I wanted to stand at the latest 7:30 at the turnslide. The plan was to queue before opening at Soarin.

Unfortunately we were not let into the ride with the EE guests, but stood in second row with the normal day guests.

Immediately after the turnslides I secured via maxpass fast pass for RSR at 09:05 am. Perfect.

From here on it went almost as if by itself. Maxpass for GotG & IC were secured directly in the respective queues.

Although we visited many more attractions than planned, we were able to finish DCA at 11am. Much better than I ever expected.

There was even time for a gigantic Turkey leg and we postponed lunch to Disneyland. The Turkey leg was a snack I had definitely missed in WDW and I was happy when we happened to pass by the food cart.

Disney California Adventure - Attractions

Soarin´ over California

An absolute must-do in our opinion. I thought it would be good, but the expectations were greatly exceeded. Funny that we actually visited almost all the destinations of the attraction on our actual road trip. Very happy to have the opportunity to experience this, as we weren’t in Epcot in WDW. Therefore this trip was a premiere for us after three Disneyparks.

Radiator Springs Racer

We enjoyed the ride very much. I was hoping it would be a little faster. I was impressed by the animated figures. Also exclusive for us, because we missed the test track in epcot as well.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout

Nice change from Tower of Terror. We liked it very much and it is the absolute favourite attraction of my DD. Can’t tell if I like ToT or GotG better.


For me by far the best rollercoaster in the whole resort. Not spectacular from the theming, but the ride is probably the fastest and smothest. It was also the first loop for my DW and 6yo DS.

The little Mermaid

No waiting time and therefore fast ride. I already liked it in WDW very much and for me it is one of the most beautiful “fantasy land dark rides”. Apart from the ones we unfortunately missed (more on this later).

Mickey´s PhilharMagic

I enjoyed this show last time without my family, so I wanted to show it to them. By chance a show just started. For some reason I liked the WDW version better. I think they are almost 100 percent the same.

Monster Inc.

Since we like the film very much, this was a nice little surprise. Also unique in this resort. Without waiting a great experience.

Toy Story Midway Mania!

I can’t understand the hype in WDW. Still a nice technical attraction for video players. Since we got fast pass without any problems, we could ride without waiting time. Because I like to play myself, I reached a solid (?) 175k.

Not bad for a half-day visit till 11am, is it?
I was very amazed. But it went on just as perfectly…


I am loving your report so far & so happy everything so far had gone so magically!!!

Your turkey leg snack pictures are proof that you absolutely, totally got this right!!!


Great report and I so glad you had such great vacation in our lovely state! California has so much to offer and I forget how spoiled we are sometimes. I am looking forward to the rest. I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork and this was a great break from it, so thank you!


Resort Day - Part Two

Already in DCA I secured the next slot for Indiana Jones by Maxpass. This was the most important “Disneyland only” attraction for me. A huge advantage to book resort-wide, if you are willing to pay the additional costs.

With a tight program like the one we’ve been through, Maxpass is definitely a no-brainer. But even so, the advantage of having PhotoPass alone is not to be despised.

Next we’ll went over to DL. It’s very pleasant that the distances here invite you to hopping in contrast to WDW. Much more to compare with DL Paris. But the Hollywood studios there are less worthwhile compared to DCA.

I can’t remember the exact order in which we proceeded. Everything was super relaxed, because we had almost no or hardly any waiting times. In between a smoothie or a snack and everyone was happy.

We then had lunch in SWGE. A perfect, spontaneous plan. The slot from 2PM to 4PM was just right for us and I was so surprised how empty it really was. More about that in a separate part.

We didn’t use the slot completely for 4 hours. But from 2:10 PM to 3:30 PM. Enough for us to experience almost everything and still have time for the rest of the park. The waiting times at the overlapping slots I have therefore only experienced when leaving the land.

At this time we were slowly really exhausted and asked ourselves if we could stand it at all up to Fantasmic/Fireworks.

After dinner at Hungry Bears we got better again and slowly took our (reserved) spots for Fantasmic. Only about 25 minutes before the show started we got places in the second row without any problems. Compared to the guests without reservation this was an enormous advantage.

The show was very good and clearly better than its counterpart in WDW. Without stress we waited another 15 minutes - the fireworks had technical problems - to admire the great fireworks at the finale of the day. I don’t think the view inside the Fantasmic Area is the best, but even the projections were shown on water fountains. You shouldn’t try to run to Main Street. Simply sitting relaxed is clearly the better option.

What a day. Exhausting, but just perfect.

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Disneyland Attractions

Indiana Jones Adventure

As an Indy fan, of course, a must-do. As mentioned for me, apart from SWGE, the ride I had been looking forward to the most. I would compare the attraction to Dinosaurs in WDW. Because of the high expectations I was not blown away. Nevertheless, we liked it. My DS was a little scared. It’s quite a dark ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Like the other two parks, we liked it a lot. Unfortunately I have to say that the DL version is the worst version of this great attraction for us. We liked the paris mountain the best.

Hyperspace Mountain

My DD and I like SM very much. Interesting that the cars differ between the different parks. The Hyperspace version I prefer as a Star Wars fan of course. And I have to say, I liked the Star Wars aspect better here than in Paris. But there is a great cataput launch in France. In WDW I like the row of seats one behind the other. Really hard to compare. Every CastlePark offers something unique here.

it´s a small world

After two missed chances to ride this iconic ride, we finally made it this time.

Wow, what a brainwash. I like the approach and the philosophy behind this ride. But the music really burns into the brain. I can understand that something like this is going to become iconic. Nevertheless, I didn’t really like it. I was looking for germany, but I think I only discovered switzerland. Or should this cliché represent Germany? You must have seen it at least once. Unbelievable, what a huge area is used for this attraction.

Jungle Cruise

We could also experience this ride only in the third Castle Park. Great time travel to the time where everything was a little bit easier. But still very worth seeing because of the funny skippers. But I often thought: Well, in WDW you drive with a jeep and see real animals. Kilimanjaro Safari was probably the most impressive attraction in WDW. Unfair comparison, but somehow also obvious.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Also here a great time travel. I didn’t like the trip at all and was glad that we could get in directly through fastpass. If we had to wait here for an hour, I would have been very disappointed. The trip was a real backbreaker.

But still very interesting from a historical point of view. According to Wiki the ride was opened in 1959 and was the first with steel rails. Here you can compare very nicely how much roller coasters have changed in the last 60 years. I like the smooth, modern rides better.

Roger Rabbit´s Car Toon Spin

Had a little worried that I would get sick, but was then positively surprised that you could control yourself. It’s funny that most children can’t do much with Roger Rabbit. It’s not really a Disney character. I couldn’t spot any Warner characters :wink: I had already seen the film in the cinema at that time and I liked the ride accordingly quite well.

Splash Mountain

We deliberately skipped the Grizzly River Run because I didn’t want to run around wet. But I didn’t want to miss Splash. That’s why I drove it with my DS just before Fantasmic. Luckily on the back seats. At this track I love the mixture of theming and thrill. Funny fact for you Americans: Nobody in Germany knows the movie “Song of the South”.

Star Tours

We love StarTours. Almost every trip is different, but always great. It’s already one of the older attractions, but for me it’s a must in every park. Ok, it can’t keep up with SR anymore…but it doesn’t have to.

Here the Liners App helped a lot, because we drove standby. The sign showed 45 min wait, the app meant 5 minutes. After 10 minutes we drove. So it is always worth to have a look into the app.

Star Wars Launch bay

Here we are only passing through quickly to pick up the ribbons for SWGE. Didn’t even take 5 minutes. I already knew the exhibition from WDW. Here we are only passing through quickly to pick up the ribbons for SWGE. Didn’t even take 5 minutes. I already knew the exhibition from WDW.


As a show, as mentioned better than in WDW. The boats are much more impressive. But in WDW I like the seats much more. It’s stupid to sit on the floor after such a day. Another argument for Dining Packages, because then you can appear much later.

Fireworks - Disneyland Forever

We liked it, of course. Hard to compare, because we didn’t make the fireworks in Paris and had the perfect castle view in WDW. In WDW my DS cried with emotion. Here it was, from the Fantasmic point of view simply a great firework.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge Review

For us it was a pure coincidence that the opening took place during our already planned travel period. So I was all the more surprised to get a reservation slot at the beginning of May.

Then I thought it would be comparable to the opening of Avatar Land in WDW in 2017. Here we could also visit the great land and ride Navi River, but a ride on Flight of Passage was almost impossible for us at that time. 4 hours waiting time was the standard there.

In SWGE everything was just great. The country itself is an attraction. All the details blow you away. At least as a Star Wars fan. I would never have thought that we could experience MF SR with just 30 minutes waiting time. The ride itself was like a dream for me. I even had the great luck to be the first pilot. The feeling to operate the Hyperdrive lever is beyond description. A great attraction. I can’t imagine what the headliner attraction “Rise of the Resitance” might look like.

When we met Kylo Ren and the Troopers, my DS and I pulled out our lightsabers. The Castmembers came directly to us. Kylo Ren said: “There are heroes on both sides, you might say” followed by “We are Watching you Jedis” of the Trooper.
That was a huge experience. The immersion is simply not to be topped.

Before we flew we had lunch in the Docking Bay 7. The food was much better than expected and also here the immersion was fantastic. It was like being on Batu.

I didn’t want to spend money on a droid or even an expensive lightsaber. But I couldn’t get past a souvenir: Salacious B. Crumb

I just love this beast. Youtube - Review

After that, I had to leave the country, or I’d be in deep debt afterwards. :slight_smile:

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Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale & Pluto
(all at Goofy´s Kitchen with souvenir photos)

Mrs. Incredible
(with souvenir photos at DCA)

Peter Pan, Hook, Belle & Dr. Facilier
(just the autograph as they passed by in DL - Peter Pan is a hard to get one, isn´t it?)

Photos of Rey, Kylo Ren & New Order Stormtroopers in SWGE
(I missed to ask for autographs, but do they sign?)


Goofy´s Kitchen Buffet
Breakfast at Starbucks in Downtown Disney
Turkey Leg

Docking Bay 7 at SWGE

  • Kids’ Fried Endorian Tip-yip
  • Felucian Garden Spread
  • Roasted Endorian Tip-Yip Salad
  • Phattro (beverage)

Fantasmic on-the-go Package at Hungry Bear Restaurant

  • Blackberry Barbecue Pork Riblets
  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Kids Menu - Chicken Breast Nuggets

Things we missed

  • famous Corn Dogs (!)

  • Castle Photo with Photo Pass (!)

  • many unique Fantasyland dark rides (!)

  • Enchanted Tiki room

  • Grizzly River Run

  • Finding Nemo - Submarine Voyage

  • Haunted Mansion

  • Pirates of the Caribbean


My personal Top 5

1.) SWGE with Millennium Falcon - Smugglers Run
As a star Wars Nerd, the overall experience in SWGE was simply fantastic. All the details, the SR attraction, the souvenir & the food. Simply everything. Also, the feeling of being one of the first to experience this part in DLR, was indescribable. That it wasn’t even overcrowded due to the reservation only made it better. No comparison to the opening of Avatar land in WDW in 2017.

2.) DCA Attractions - IC, RSR & Soarin´

Since we have been able to drive many of the “standard” attractions in recent years. The DCA rides were quite special for us and I am very happy that we decided for the very expensive one day park hopper tickets.

3.) Goofy´s Kitchen & Fantasmic! Package

I think that food is a huge part of the disney magic. I am also always surprised by the quality of the food. In addition, reserved seats or characters always give you a special VIP feeling while eating. Expensive without question, but simply beautiful.

4.) The total number of attractions we have achieved in only one day.
Without having long waits anywhere.

5.) Actually managed to visit three different castle parks in three years

See you guys! I will miss you. :slight_smile: