Three castle parks in three years


Regarding the character breakfast on the day of departure: storytellers cafe seems like a great option. I just happen to see on the DL website that from March another character dinner option is offered. Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures at napa rose. That sounds great too, especially since we have met mickey and co. very often while eating. BUT $ 125 for an adult?!? can that be correct? WOW


Unfortunately it is correct. Too steep for my blood. If you go, I would love to hear your opinion on it. I MIGHT check it out solo sometime, but I cannot see spending that kind of money for the whole family. I would rather take that and spend a night at GC!


Children 3+ are the same price also which just makes it even more outrageous. Unless we come into a large sum of money unexpectedly, I also don’t think we would do this. There are many other things (Disney & non-Disney) that I would put that sum of money (or any other sum we already expect to get) towards first.


We certainly will not do that. The price is an absolute joke, even for our beloved Disney. Even the royal table in wdw is a real bargain in comparison. I still can not believe that they call such a price …