Three Broomsticks opening hours

The Universal website says that Three Broomsticks is open during regular park hours. Can anyone confirm that it actually opens when the park opens? There is no breakfast menu available on the Universal website so I assume there are no breakfast items offered currently, but when I’m there at the end of March we wanted to eat their regular lunch food for breakfast at 9am. Does anyone know if this will be possible? If not, we may just take HE to the Leaky Cauldron for actual breakfast foods.

I read that back in October it stopped serving breakfast. Not sure if it’s serving it again yet. It typically opens about 30-60 min. after early park opening I read.

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And when they did serve breakfast, people sometimes had their mobile orders cancelled because there wasn’t enough capacity inside the restaurant to seat people.

I would recommend going at a very off-time, so that the wait to get in isn’t outrageous. Social-distancing seating means long lines.

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Do you think 9am will be a peak time with long waits or is it still early enough to beat the majority of the crowds?

That, I don’t know. The other question is will you be able to get lunch stuff at 9 am? I can’t answer that either. Most places with a different breakfast menu only let you order from one or the other based on the time. I like breakfast food, so I’ve never tried ordering lunch for breakfast.

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