Three Bridges

Hi all! We are staying at Dolphin (couldn’t get Boardwalk) and would like to go to Three Bridges for apps/dinner/drinks one evening. Is this possible lately if not staying at CSR? It does show up as a mobile order possibility so I guess we could do that. Best way to get there? Uber/Lyft?

It’s always possible to dine there, but as it’s walk-up only, the wait time can be long, and you can’t join the wait list until you are pretty nearby (definitely at the resort itself). A few people here have done the mobile order option with good success. I’d probably use Uber/Lyft myself and ask to be dropped off at the Gran Destino Tower to be in close proximity to the restaurant.

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Thanks! Any favorites there?

I’ve only been there for Sangria U. The guac was delicious! The setting is amazing.


It sounds wonderful! DD24 and I are really looking forward to it so if nothing else, we will do mobile order.

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I haven’t heard lately that you need to be staying at a resort to eat there. We will be there next month and have plans to snack around a number of the resorts.

In 2019, we went from the Boardwalk to the Three Bridges! We had to get to a park in order to catch a resort bus. It took an hour to take the bus from the Boardwalk to MK and then MK to Coronado. MK was the first bus that arrived. In hindsight, we should have Ubered. Three Bridges wasn’t that full. We enjoyed the lamp chops and churros. We had a steak dish that is no longer on the menu. It can get chilly in the evenings there. The restaurant is surrounded by water, accessible by three bridges, hence the name. The heating lamps wouldn’t stay on when we were there.

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My suggestion is get there a little before they open which was 4pm when I stayed there. There was no line at that time.

Part of the magic is eating there in person. I enjoyed the tacos; the Sangria was a little too sweet for me but if sweet drinks are your thing…you’ll like it.

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I’ve had the guac at Sangria U, the hot queso dip (amazing!) and the tres leches cake. Everything was amazing including the drinks!


Warm Manchego Cheese and Oaxaca Cheese Dip

Chorizo, Roasted Peppers and Tortilla Chips


I’m so hungry … :yum:


We will definitely do Uber or Lyft then.

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I think that timing will work for us!

We ate here December 2020. While I have no recollection of what we ordered, I do know we were happy with our food and are looking forward to eating here again.
We were 4 with one dairy/gluten allergy.
We were staying at CS and noticed walk up availability.

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The cheese dip is to die for!

And IMHO it has the best burger on property!!


You guys are making me so hungry :yum:

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We ate at 3 Bridges twice on our trip this summer, we loved everything we tried.

The cured salmon poke bowl was an A++.
The fresh churros for dessert were chef’s kiss.

Only complaint was my son’s steak in the steak frites was pretty small in size, should have been 75% larger.

Not sure if they have their portion sizes set in stone though: my poke bowl on first night was filling and perfect size. The one I had on our second night was absolutely ginormous.

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