Threads not recognized posts?

I had this issue in the past, but I think it stopped. Recently I realized I was not getting notifications on threads I have posted on. Just now I saw a thread I posted to on the “latest” list. When I open the thread I see this’d:

My post but it does not register as a thread I am “watching”. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks!

I can;t say that I have noticed this, but I also rarely look in the Latest list so it might be happening all the time.

I just noticed another one and it seems I have to now change to “watching”

Yes, usually threads that have had further comments get a blue dot, but I’ve noticed that doesn’t always happen any more.

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What are your Notifications settings in your profile? Mine are:

  • Consider topics new when: created in the last 2 days
  • Automatically track topics I enter: after 4 minutes
  • When I post in a topic, set that topic to: Tracking
  • Notify when liked: First time a post is liked and daily

I have already confessed to you that I am crazy- right?

I read every thread…l

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The tracking options never change to tracking because you have posted to this thread.

Oh it’s not the blue dot sorry, it’s the number of new replies that appears in blue rather than the total replies. Whatever my settings are, I don’t ever change them but sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

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