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You’re safe on that front till July. At least.

I have little personal interest in CMs, and with the exception of TH I pretty much avoid them at all costs. But I believe that they absolutely belong primarily in the meals/restaurants section. If they wanted to include a simple list of them in the kids section, that would make sense


That’s a good idea.

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Thank you LOL maybe we should write the book !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is it the same list? Can we get a readout of who is currently on it?

Asking for a friend.


I like this idea. And then a referent to it at the end of the portion of the kids’ section about character meet-and-greets.


Obviously he thinks you are childish. It was obviously directed specifically at you. Duh


What I love, Ryan, is that regardless of the issue you always take it seriously and answer the question most directly


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Never heard of that word

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It is both my greatest strength and greatest weakness! :slight_smile:

Honestly, SOMETIMES I have trouble telling if someone is joking or not, so taking the path of a serious response seems least risky overall.

Other times, even if I know the post was meant in jest, often times people use humor to reveal something that is, at least deep down, a true fear. In such a case, a serious response can still be helpful.

Other times I’m just clueless.

And still other times, I just like to show off all the knowledge I have stuck up there inside that brain matter of mine in hopes someone will appreciate it. Self-affirming, you know.


Click bait for certain!!

Character meals belongs in the restaurant section!


That is a good thing, as it is very offensive. Prison slang. I don’t suggest that you file it under ‘English words to be used’. Unnecessary @profmatt.

LOL now I am the one who is mildly interested in knowing what it means exactly !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I already explained that it’s a paedophile or more generally it’s a sex offender. And I don’t find it even slightly offensive, for the record.

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Would it be in the same category as perhaps calling someone one of the following (hidden because they are, in fact, offensive words as well, so using them to gauge the level of offensiveness the word hold):

bad, offensive words

homo, fag, or nigger


Huh - never would have guessed that. Should we be concerned that the English need a slang word for pedophile? :speak_no_evil:

Personally, not even close. I would say it was more like calling a policeman a copper (which isn’t offensive). I would never say any of those words you put, except if talking about a cigarette when I might call it a fag.

  1. I’ve never heard the word noncey before, but after reading the definition, I never would have guessed that’s what it meant. not even in context of @profmatt original post. I, apparently, am extremely naive. And no, Matt, you going to a character meal or otherwise engaging in any Disney World-sanctioned activity in no way, shape or form pegs you as noncey. ever.

  2. character meals do not belong in the kids section, not even as a subset. It could easily have it’s own chapter/section, directly after restaurants. But unequivocally does not belong with kids. Doing so makes entirely too many assumptions about the reader.

What? I mean, sure, they’re a money suck. But some of them a quite fun!

If that happened, I would boycott the site and stand with you!

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We don’t need one, we just have one. We should be more concerned that you Americans can’t spell it :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. Got it. Although, I suppose calling someone a pedophile as purely an insult and without cause would be offensive enough.