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When organizing any sort of data (from website design, to book layouts, etc) you will always find topics that can fall under multiple categories. In websites, this is no biggie. Just link from both locations. But in a book, you can only put it in one or the other.

So, the question becomes, where? Which is the most logical place. And, the most logical place when it comes to something more of a reference is not where it makes the most sense, but where the most people are likely to go looking for information.

Len is wondering, it seems, which location is the most logical place if people are looking up this information. He inherently recognizes that it could be in either. So there is no insult intended.


It’s not a bit snowflakey, it’s massively snowflakey. Anyway we’re all kids at Disney. So it’s not at all inappropriate for you as a single man to enjoy character meals or meets. I’d probably draw the line at trying to get a princess makeover at BBB. You’re way out of the age range.

I’m now mildly interested to see if Americans use the word nonce.


I’m 100% certain that this is true.

Nonetheless, placing character meals in the Kids section does carry with it an implication. I think I skipped the kids section when I read the book because I’m not one and I don’t have any. I could have missed out on some of the most fun and most satisfying experiences I’ve had at WDW.

Someone suggested character meals should have their own section. That seemed wise to me.


Never heard the word nonce before.


I must be strange, I always read the kids section :joy: and the hotel section when we always stayed off site in a villa. I could go on, basically I read everything!

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That answers that question then! It’s slang for a paedophile. My phone doesn’t like that spelling but it’s correct! It can also be used more generally to mean a sex offender.


Character meals … the only type of “attraction” I strongly dislike at WDW. Looking forward to the day my kids no longer are interested. I thought the food at Chef Mickey’s was so bad that I had to get second lunch elsewhere later in the afternoon.


Interesting. I wouldn’t have guessed that!

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I thought the context @profmatt used it in might have suggested it but of course I’m reading it knowing what the word means.

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Why you wouldn’t put character meals in the restaurants section is beyond me. As a single, childless, adult solo traveller I would also miss out on a lot if it was designated as “for kids”. I frequently go to character meals and meet and greets and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Also never heard that word either…


Same here


It’s definitely weird to suggest character meals taking place in restaurants might be best placed in a section that isn’t about restaurants.


I suspect it is the kind of feedback this dialogue is generating is exactly the kind of feedback Len wants in making his decision.

Now, I’ve never done one, but I would see issues putting it in either location. I mean, if you just want to read about character meals, I wouldn’t want to have to sift through a bunch of restaurants that don’t otherwise have character meals.

So, making it its own section, to me, makes the most sense. Although, you risk duplication of information.

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I’m just hoping I don’t get banned from the site for criticising our leader!

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In his example, I guessed it meant creepy. Not necessarily vile and disgusting though! And no @profmatt, I do not think going to character meals or meets alone makes you a nonce.


Funny. I was just having the exact OPPOSITE thought. Weird.


You are so going back on my list.

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Ooh! The last time you had a list, it resulted in a lot of Disney trip planning posts. So, I take it back. But if I take it back, you take me off the list. No lists means no trip planning posts.

Ahhh! A paradox that might just unravel the very fabric of the known universe! (Of course, that’s a worst case scenario…it might simply be localized to our own galaxy.)

I like splitting hairs :smiley:

Why not a subsection at the end of the restaurant chapter ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: