Thread disapeared - was it deleted?

I asked about comparing the different ships… saw the post in the forum and now its gone… was it deleted?

Is it this one?

yes, but if I go into the Cruise category this post isn’t there??? THANKS!

And this one isn’t listed either… I have to go in through my profile and click on “Topics” to see my threads… Sorry, I’m just so confused.

When I click on the Disney Cruise Line link from the main page, there’s the pinned post and then there’s the other one I linked to above. It is also still showing up from the main forum page, too.

In general, if I have a thread I’m participating in and there’s no new activity, it won’t show up in the Unread list (as there is nothing unread in the thread) and it won’t show in the New list (because it isn’t new to me…I’ve already seen it). But I have no idea why you wouldn’t be seeing it from the main forum page. Are you seeing the other threads listed on the main page like the screenshot I put up?

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Thanks… I see them when they are listed in the preview on the main forum page but when I click on the cruise line forum category i don’t see it.

That’s odd - what browser are you using? When I go to I see all of your threads:

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that happens to me too. I’ve noticed it with several posts.

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to follow up this happened with THIS post for me after I posted today. everything I posted on was MIA for a while, I checked an hour later and they were back. so much for the boards being real time.

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