Thoughts on Wishes Fastpass

I have fast-passes to Wishes. With two kids (3 and 6), do you think this is a good use of a fast pass, or should I try for something else? I just want to make sure they get to see the show from a decent location without having to claim my spot ridiculously early.

I think for most people it depends on what your plans are for the rest of your day/trip. I was so happy I did Wishes FP in April. I was able to go into the FP area about 30 minutes before Wishes (I think 15 minutes before Celebrate the Magic) and get a clear view of both with plenty of room to turn around (no one was in front of me or crowded next to me). Families were sitting on the grass in the back of the area (I think the cast member asked everyone to stand in the beginning but the CM did not seemed concerned about people wanting to sit near the back). I would definitely do it again. I did not have to worry about finding a spot 30 minutes early only to have someone completely block my view as the shows started.