Thoughts on which Park on 9/2/18?

We’ll be arriving on 9/1 and the plan is to hit up MK all day, but I’m having trouble figuring out which park to do on day 2? Right now, the CL seems to be 7’s across the board (but I expect that to increase as we get closer). While we do have Park Hoppers, I’m hoping to narrow down which park we should spend the day in.

My first instinct was AK, but if the day ends up mirroring my last trip (CL9 + 90 degrees), it could end up being more frustrating than fun to be there (my Mom can have a pretty short fuse, so I’m not sure I want to take that gamble). So I was thinking maybe holding off on that until later in the week as it will be my Mom’s first time there and I don’t want ot sour her experience.

With Toy Story Land opening in the summer, I expect HS to be a bit heavier than the other parks, so I’m thinking it might be better to stay away from HS until later in the week as well when the CLs drop. And given that there’s not a whole lot to do during the day, I’m not sure planning anything more than a half-day there is wise.

And that leaves Epcot, but everyone warns to stay away on the weekends during Food and Wine (which I expect to be happening), and as it will also be a holiday weekend, I feel this could be very sage advice.

So nothing is really standing out over the other. So thoughts, opinions, random soliloquies?

Since you’ll have hoppers, my opinion would be based on:
Emh if you are staying onsite
Crowd level predictions
Night time show. (I use hoppers to go to one park early, take a break, then hop to another park for light tour/night show)

You’re too far out to worry about this being set in stone, imo.

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I see your points here. I think number one is stay away from epcot in the afternoon–it is a nightmare bc it’s the first f&w weekend and a holiday weekend, so not only lots of people, lots of drunk people. Number 2, you’ll want to do AK later in your trip if possible so that you are guaranteed FoP FP+. So, I think my plan would be to start the day as early as possible at epcot to beat the crowds. Move over to HS (and have your FP+ there) in the late morning. Then, go back to the pool and cool off before heading back for one of the nighttime shows! Have fun, I love going during this time :smile:


Definitely stay away from evenings at Epcot during Food and Wine festival unless you don’t mind people bumping into you half or totally drunk from sampling the wares. If you don’t mind this then go and have a good time no doubt sampling yourselves. They all seem to be having a wonderful time. I and my wife though did NOT have a wonderful time at all until we went back to Future world where there weren’t so many drinkers wondering around knocking into everyone.

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Hah I totally forgot about the EMH. The evening one specifically will play a part into it. And yup, I know it’s too far out to set in stone,but I’m just looking to get a starting point because most of the other days I have a rough idea of where I want to be, this one was the biggest dilemma.

Now there’s an idea… Epcot in the morning, clear FW by afternoon and then hop over to HS or AK. One of the bigger concerns with this trip is getting all the night activities in (cause Disney is fun and schedules everything close to the same time :smirk: lol). so that should definitely help that. Good call!

Yeah, I’m not sure about Mom, but I know I don’t find myself “energized” when having to deal with inebrieated people in large quantities.

I hear what you are saying about fitting in all the nighttime spectaculars. We have been going 2x a year for the past 3 years and still have not experienced all of them! Hoping to get to RoL later this month!! :slight_smile:

2x a year for 3 years?!