Thoughts on this plan?

Thinking about splitting MK up into two rope drop mornings. We’ll be done with everything we want to do by 1 PM each day without using FP. Then we can park hop to HS one day to use FP for a top tier ride, doing the same at AK on the other MK morning. Both HS and AK will also have their own days, so I’ll get another top tier FP on those days. It seems with low rope drop waits, plus using FP for FOP and Na’vi River, we’ll wait in line less, even using no FP for either day in MK.

Also - any thought/rumors on what tiers for FP will look like once Toy Story Land is open? My boys aren’t into ToT, but that leaves Rockin Coaster, Slinky Dog, Alien Saucers and TSMM to tackle!

Slinky Dog will be tier 1. I doubt the Alien Saucers will be, unless just for the new factor. But unlikely, isn’t it just Aladdin’s magic carpets or Dumbo re-themed?

Great plan and we have very similar plans on our May/June trip. The only problem that usually arises is that one of the rides in MK will have some kind of delay/mechanical issue preventing you from riding it according to your plan (7Dwarves/Space/Splash/Thunder Mountain) Just move on and try to hit it later or on day 2. We are planning as though anything we get to ride in the new Toy Story land will be a bonus, so RocknRoller Tier 1 and TOT & Star Tours for Tier 2 FPs for us. Maybe try at the end of park hours - good luck!