Thoughts on Split Stay 3 nights at the Polynesian and 2 nights at the Yacht Club Post-Cruise

For the last few years we have vacationed at WDW for a week and a half and stayed at the Polynesian (which we adore) and really like the convenience. But we have always been curious about the Beach/Yacht Club pool. We always use the pool (AM in a park, mid-day at the pool and PM at a park).

This year we are going on a 7day Disney cruise followed by another week at WDW. Now that we don’t have any toddlers, we are thinking of splitting the stay- 3 nights at the Poly (going to MK), then 2 nights at Yacht Club for our Epcot and Hollywood Studios days (would love to skip this park this year, but my boys- ages 4, 5 and 9- would be upset to miss Jedi Training Academy). Hesitating because it is always risky trying something new and we do love the Poly. But the convenience to EP and HS plus the pool might be fun to try this year… Do you think this is a good plan?

I haven’t stayed at the Poly but we stay at the BC/YC every year. We love the location and SAB. The theming is more subtle than Poly.

I personally wouldn’t do a split stay (really don’t like packing and the hassle,of moving) but if you are okay with packing and unpacking 3 times then it is a good way of trying a new hotel

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Thanks for the thoughts Mark! I agree that moving is not ideal. Normally I wouldn’t want to do it. But if we move we will get the benefit of staying on the monorail while at MK and that really appeals (as well as trying out SAB, which we have always wanted to do). Hopefully moving won’t be too much of a pain (they said the Hotel will transport our bags while we are at the park) and hopefully we won’t miss the Poly while at the YC…

I have done many split stays. One BC/Poly, one AKL/YC, upcoming AKL/Poly. You will love YC! Split says are so easy- you call down to bell service to pick up your bags, they give you a receipt and when you check into your next resort you call down to bell services and they deliver your bags. I pack a bag for each part of my stay. I think I actually like YC more than Poly!


Thanks for the reply! Did you have one set of magic bands for both reservations? Thanks!

You get a MB for each reservation but if you want to can pick to use only one. MBs are all linked up to your MDE account. Sometimes there are issues with you room lock so it is best to have one MB as your key (it would be the one either scanned at the resort or what you use to first open your door).

I like my red MB so I usually stick with that but I just bought purple so I may switch it up!

Oh! I just remembered- I had a MB fly off my arm on buzz so I deactivated it from my phone and activated a spare in my backpack. Everything (including the door) worked great!

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I also have to add: I first did a split stay because I loved POR and I was afraid I would not like another resort as much. My first split I stayed first at POR and then BC. Three years later I have not made it back to POR!


Our first split stay was BC/Poly. Last was WL/BC. We love the combination of monorail & Epcot area. Your kids are a great age for SAB, especially since pool is important to you.

It sounds like a perfect trip and well worth the move.


Hello! We went on our first Disney Cruise last year and stayed at WDW a few days before and a few days after (2 different resorts). So that is an idea if you want to split it up. I also wanted to mention that the Jedi training is offered on the ship. Our daughter did it and had a lot of fun. You just have to check the times guide and arrive early. They choose the first few kids at the doors. Also, be sure to have them wear tennis shoes/closed toed shoes or they can’t participate. ***just realized this was from last January! Lol. Sorry for the late response. I was searching for posts on the Yacht Club bc we are staying there for the 1st time this summer and this popped up. Did you enjoy your stay there?

Hi! Yes, this was from last year. We did enjoy our stay! Splitting was a pain because of repacking and moving. But I did like staying at a monorail resort to go to MK, so I would probably do the same again. It was really nice to go to the parks after the cruise because getting off the cruise was kind of crappy (pack your bags the night before, get off the ship very early) and it was nice to have the second half of our trip to look forward to.

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