Thoughts on Solo Trip WDW Dates, May 2020

i’m hoping to take my first solo trip next year in may. :crossed_fingers: i’d likely arrive on a tuesday or wednesday (more flight options on weekdays = lower fares) and return the following monday or tuesday. this affords me five park days, as my travel days are long and don’t permit much else.

very rough, preliminary date ideas:

tuesday, april 28/wednesday, april 29 to
monday, may 4/tuesday, may 5
tuesday, may 5/wednesday, may 6 to
monday, may 11/tuesday, may 12

swge unknowns aside, how does may the fourth and mother’s day (may 10, 2020) affect the parks? i’m also aware of cheerleading events, roughly the first two weekends in may?

thanks so much for your thoughts! :grinning:

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Go 4/28-5/4. It overlaps my time there :smiley:


decision made! :+1:


This makes me happy.

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