Thoughts on planned ADRs - mostly the order for booking

Monday is my ADR day - and yeah, I’m actually getting up early on a day off to head to a Starbucks that opens at 5:30 so I am set up to go between phone and computer at 6. Lol. (No internet at home as I am protesting the high cable rates and how they treat new customers better than long-term ones. Usually not a big deal. Just ADR day.) It’s my birthday trip - THE day being July 20, but I‘ll celebrate the whole trip of course! I’ll have the DxDP - but I am not concerned about “sticking it to the Mouse”, I am doing it to not have to worry about food costs when I am on vacation.

Here is the order I have come up with to shoot for things (and other than CRT I will be putting in 2 though I am solo because a) some places (looking at you ‘Ohana) don’t like single reservations and b) I have some friends I will be meeting at different times who would potentially be joining for meals). Thoughts? Preferably on the order of trying only - I am pretty happy with the places I have chosen. Back-up choices in parentheses - and obviously if I get something at one time I will go for something else at another (like if I get ‘Ohana on 7/20 I will look for a back-up on 7/22 and 7/23).

7/22 - CRT dinner (BOG)
7/20 - ‘Ohana breakfast (Tusker House)
7/21 - Topolino’s Terrace (Trattoria Bon Voyage)
7/21 - LeCellier dinner (Beaches & Cream or Coral Reef)
7/19 - Garden Grill breakfast (Trattoria or Cape May)
7/19 - Beaches & Cream dinner (Sci-Fi)
7/22 - ‘Ohana breakfast (Tusker or Topolino’s)
7/20 - Tiffins late lunch
7/23 - ‘Ohana breakfast (1900 PF or Crystal Palace)
7/18 - Skipper’s Canteen dinner
7/23 - The Wave or 1900 or Chef Mickey’s early dinner before Tragical Express around 7:30pm (this one is up in the air and I’m not as concerned with it - also not opposed to going back to Skipper’s)

Once these are done I plan to call and book the ROL dessert party as I will be using a gift card and want to ensure gluten-free is noted on that (hence the late lunch at Tiffins as opposed to dinner).

Anything you would chance order-wise?

Looks like a good list. You might consider booking a BOG PPO breakfast if you want an advantage for 7DMT. For example 10 minutes after park opened we had completed 7DMT, carousel, dumbo, and were in a short wait at Pooh

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Thanks. I am one of the weird ones who doesn’t get the 7DMT thing, so not a huge priority for me. Lol. If I snag a FP+ and there is nothing else I want to ride, I’ll do it. But not a high priority.

I know. I’m weird.

Great restaurants! No experience in trying but I wonder how hard the 7/19 Beaches and Cream will be to get.

Looks like a great trip!

Yeah, I am not sure. I think they expanded it a little, but I don’t know how much. Hence a back-up. We shall see.


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We went to B&C last week for a late dessert. I wasn’t there prior to the remodel, but from looking at pictures, I think it’s a about double the size it was. No idea how that aligns with demand though.

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From what I have heard, it is still packed and hard to get.