Thoughts on Park Hoppers on crowded days

I am considering park hoppers and using genie plus to stack rides for the second park. What happens if park hits capacity? Will they not allow hopping? In which case I wasted my genie options. Any thoughts or tips? We are going Springbreak and crowd levels keep rising so I’m getting nervous :grimacing:

IF park hits capacity (which I believe has only happened at MK on October 1) you would not be allowed in. If that were to happen you could always cancel the stacked LLs and rebook for the park you had reserved.

I only did the “stacking” at DL/DCA with multi-experience passes from booking LLs for rides that were down. If a ride came back up, I’d either do it or cancel and book something else.

I honestly doubt that will happen. They only cut off park hopping once, on MKs 50th anniversary. Didn’t happen at all for Christmas even with many days where park reservations were unavailable.

Even on October 1st, it was only for a few hours and guests queued up and were allowed to enter as other guests left.