Thoughts on My Plans for kids' 2nd WDW trip?

DW, DS2, DD4 and I are staying at BLT for 5 nights this fall. We stayed at BLT last year for the kids’ first visit and loved it.

Am I being too ambitious for our last 2 days of the 5 day trip?

Day 4

Breakfast in room
DHS - RD (if any sort of EMM is offered for TSL and/or MMRR we will buy tix)
FP+ AS2, Frozen Sing-A-Long
Other attractions: TSMM, Meet Vampirina/FancyNancy/Doc, Muppetvision, Lighting McQueen Show
12:30 pm Lunch at ABC
2:30 - 5:00 break at resort
ADR 5:30 pm dinner at CRT
HAE dessert party

Day 5
Walk to MK for RD
FP+ Jungle Cruise, PPF, Meet Cinderella/Elena (for me and DD4), HM (for DW and DS2)
Other Attractions: Pirates, Magic Carpets, IASW, Carousel
Lunch at Colombia Harbor House
(one of us will take DS2 back for nap and the other will stay with DD4)
Festival of Fantasy Parade (if DD4 wants to stay at park for this)
Break at Resort
5:00 pm Room Service Dinner
MNSSHP (still on the fence about this one, but leaning toward getting tix)

[EDITED to substantially shorten my way too long post]

Looks more than manageable to me.

You’ve got a late night followed by a rope drop…will your kids be able to handle that?

My 4 year old can do it if she rests in the afternoon, but my 2 year might not do well with it. We may just get 2 too for the dessert party and my wife or I will take DS2 back to the room after dinner.

I’m not sure, however, how my 4 year old will do with 2 late nights in a row if we also go to MNSSHP the following night.

I missed the late part. I wouldn’t do late nights. Might be too much even for a 4 yo. My kids are the same age and we aren’t doing anything at night but we’re not going back to resort either - just napping/resting in park. We are ending at 3:30 on 2 days and the other 3 days 5:09 ADRs in the parks then back to hotel. I’d love to night shows but I don’t think it’s worth the lack of sleep. If you do it your last night you might be ok.

The number of activities planned in 1 day though I don’t think is too much.

Thanks for the input. The planning with little ones can be challenging. Last year we didn’t do any late nights for the reasons you mentioned. My kids won’t nap/rest at the park … I learned that last year … too much stimulation for them My 4 year old won’t nap at all but she will at least sit and relax at the resort when we go back there. My 2 year old will need a nap at the resort.

Maybe we will just do 1 late night this trip and see how that goes.

You have me worried my 2yo won’t stroller nap. He won’t sleep at the resort for that matter either. He’s a car nap kid who would snooze on bus then wake up cranky and not go back to sleep. 4yo benefits from quiet time so just sitting in the stroller in a quiet spot should work for her.

When we were in WDW last fall it looked like every little one would nap in the stroller except mine! :slight_smile: So that should give you hope.

My kids are 3, 7, & 9 and this looks very similar to our plans. I think it looks reasonable. Our first trip was last year as well and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they handled a couple of late nights w/ early mornings. I wouldn’t do too many nights/mornings back to back but I think one or two with a midday break can work.