Thoughts on my overall WDW plan?

We got our hotel reservation and tickets in the mail yesterday! I’m SO excited!!! Got everything linked, magic bands customized, FPP day is coming up in a couple weeks. Is the layout of our 5 day WDW stay seem ok or am I missing something? Would love your thoughts as we’ve never been and really want to make the most of it!

Arrival Day- MCO at 9:05am, DME to Pop, maybe go to parks, but probably not (pondering DAH, but not sure yet). Dinner at Artist Point @ 7:20

Day 1- DH & DD15 to HS from 8-12. DD11 and I will go to parade rehearsal for Dance the World from 8-10, eat lunch, rest, head to MK for parade. Spend the afternoon/evening at MK.

Day 2- PPO GG, EP Future World until noon. Dance performance from 1-2:40. Head to HS for the afternoon/evening.

Day 3- EMH HS until 1pm. Hop to Epcot for WS. Gala at 5:30 in Epcot.

Day 4- EMH AK; TH brunch; Sanaa late lunch break; evening at AK + ROL

Day 5- Checkout- leave bags at bell services; EMM MK; Finish anything we didn’t get to do at MK then maybe hop to Epcot if we have time. Dinner at Raglan Road 5:45…might cancel this if we find ourselves really wanting more park time.

I’m worried we won’t have enough Epcot time or MK time. :frowning: But not sure what to do about that (besides going broke and adding on days and and DAH :rofl:)

Transfer to Universal.

It looks like a good plan. I don’t think you can do Artist Point and DAH. The dinner would take too much of your park time? What time are you getting up that morning?

Oh, about 4am…I know it would be way too much. I think I’m just going to stick with EMM.

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I always over plan arrival day!

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DAH on a travel day will be tough. You will be awake 20+ hours. Not how you are with travel though. I get wired and can go and go and go, especially day 1 in WDW. My wife however is just the opposite no matter what time of day we travel she just gets wiped. A few hours in the parks then she is done, ready to crash