Thoughts on my HS plan?

Hi all!

Planning our family’s first trip to WDW and I am stressing about our HS day because it’s a bit hard to lock in. My boys (ages 8 & 6) would really like to do Jedi training and this day will be after a long day at MK. With TSL opening and no data for those rides…let me know what you think? I picked Alien Saucers for the FP b/c I’m guessing it will be slower loading than the other two…but am open to suggestions!


PS I really wish TP would add dessert parties and participation in jedi training to TPs!!! It would make it so much easier…I feel like i’m having to fake it out a bit…

BMy feeling is you’re relying on both meals being in and out in less than 60 minutes.

I think you could end up missing Indy; they usually start letting people in around 20 minutes before show time. If Sci Fi is late seating you, or your meal over-runs for any reason, you’ll risk not getting into the show.

Also by trying to squeeze in Muppets where it is, the plan is already showing you arrive at the Jedi pre-show 15 minutes late. I think you have to be there 30 minutes before, so they will likely have given your places away to someone else.

Can you plan to use a TS as your rest instead? Do Muppets before lunch, then do Indy after at 1:15. That gives you say 75 mins for lunch, plus Indy show in the covered arena. Then maybe Launch Bay, which is indoors.

If the boys like Star Wars, have they seen the March of the First Order? That is so much fun.

hiya - good thoughts…yeah, 60 min is probably not enough wiggle time for meals. Launch bay is part of the dessert party so I had dropped it from the schedule in lieu of that. My boys and DH are the star wars fans…me, not so much…:slight_smile: But I guess I should try to add in March of the First Order if possible. DH really wants a mid-day break/nap but…there is just so much to do on that day and worried about getting signed up/which Jedi training we can get…my big hope is that if we’re there early (6am) maybe they will start letting people in early and we can get ahead of schedule - but that’s a big if…aaaaahhhhhhhhhhH!

Ok - I have added additional time at meals and hopefully taken out some risk of missing things due to meals, and added in March of the First Order…take a look anyone and let me know if you see any other issues? Still banking on pre 7am open b/c I highly doubt we can get through Jedi Training sign-up, Slinky Dog and TSMM in 1 hour…

We eat at Sci Fi a lot, almost always at 11am when they first open. It has never taken more than 45 minutes total. They can’t be late seating you when you have the first ADR of the day, so I am confident you will be out quickly. I can’t speak to 50’s. We have been here in Orlando the past 10 days and spent 8 of them in WDW. We had the best/fastest table service meals this trip, and it was very crowded. I don’t know if we just got lucky or what, but I was very impressed this trip.

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Ah, didn’t pay attention to the desert party!

And @Wahoohokie does have a good point about Sci Fi. Although I wouldn’t want to be rushing lunch, watching the clock.

I’ll have another look at the plan in a bit.

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I just don’t think there is any way you’ll get TSL done that quickly. I would either prioritize which ride(s) you must do OR insert at least a 1 hour break in there. The TP wait times are just placeholders right now. Plus you will be behind the rush to TSL.

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@BoilerMomPharmD good point - I added in an hour to adjust for TSL times. Hopefully between that and the 7am start of EMH we’ll be in ok shape. The whole day is tight but I’m hoping possible.

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Looking at the latest version…

Is there any way to move ToT to before 50’s Prime Time dinner?

You have 30 minutes grace between the March and dinner. Otherwise you’re going to be riding ToT just after eating… Now I’m too much of a wimp to ride ToT but that seems um… a little risky … :joy:

Otherwise I think it looks a lot better.

An excellent point! I moved ToT to before dinner. I THINK and hope I am done messing with it until FPP day??? Thank you all so very much

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Looks good! If you happen to finish up dinner sooner, you may be able to flip your Frozen & Little Mermaid shows which would give you some extra time in the evening.

Regarding the SE dessert party- just make sure you show up about 30ish minutes early. In my experience that’s when they let people in. If you show up right on time you will be rushed to eat before fireworks.

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