Thoughts on MNSSHP 2021?

I’ll be in WDW for 9 days mid-late August during the week Disney typically has the first MNSSHP. I’m really hoping to be able to go, it’s always such a good time! At this point I’ll take it as icing on the cake if it happens this year and they host the event in mid August and not later in the year. Anyone else crossing fingers for a party in the MK? Anyone hear any rumors?

I was just discussing this with a coworker. I doubt it would happen, but it would be great if they could.

Universal is doing HHN so Disney needs to do something.

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I have a trip planned for the end of August. MNSSHP would be amazing. Fingers crossed! (Also that the border opens and I can visit lol)

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I hope they do something for Christmas. I have a bunch of credit card Disney rewards and I hope to go to USO in November. I’d love a day for MVMCP.


I think Len and Jim Hill on Disney Dish pegged it at like 80% that there would be some sort of MNSSHP and 90% that there would be Christmas parties. I imagine they may start later than usual and maybe be smaller events. All remains to be seen depending on how the summer goes.


Please, please, please, please, please.


My guess is there will be. But just not what it used to be. Not sure if they’ll do the parade or meet & greets, and probably you’ll just get a bag of candy when you go in, no trick or treating. And restricted numbers.

That’s boring.
I’d want parade and fireworks and food as entry level for a party. No meet and greet would also be hard to justify.
So it would be just dressing up for night time and more rides? Hmmmm. You’ve burst my bubble. :pleading_face:

And that’s why I don’t really think they’ll do it unless they’ve opened the parks to full capacity and restarted fireworks by then, because without trick or treating, the parade, fireworks, and shows or remarkably lower crowds what would even be the draw? I really don’t think anyone would go.

Yeah. But I still don’t get people going the way it is now… there are a lot of folks who are happy with any amount of Disney. I wouldn’t be surprised if any version of a party doesn’t sell out.

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I belive universal did HHN last year too. So I don’t think that is really a factor.

They didn’t. They just had a couple of haunted houses open all day. I went.

I think the biggest thing that makes them not comparable is that HHN is your only chance to have Halloween at Universal (like, you’d barely even know it was Halloween during the day) and features a LOT of event-exclusive attractions, while MK stays fully decorated all day, and there are only a handful of event-exclusive attractions. They can still do almost all of HHN event exclusives, except scare zones and the big projection show. MNSSHP, on the other hand, loses most of its exclusive content of you can’t have contact or people gathered in close proximity to each other.

Actually that seems to have been pretty much the plan at the beginning of the year. It would simply have been an up-charge event with a few extras thrown in, like the seasonal characters and cavalcade that day guests wouldn’t get.

Hopefully they can relax some of the restrictions before Party Season begins. But that means they likely won’t start until much nearer to Halloween, maybe even mid September.

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