Thoughts on MK EMH

Thinking of moving a few things around and that may have us at the MK on May 29th with an EMH. We would have our 3 FPP to use.

Any thoughts on this? Is it terribly crowded?

The reason we might change is so we can get a better time for FOP…which means changing our AK and MK days!

Is it morning EMH? Or evening?

Morning EMH are wonderfully uncrowded. Here is a photo in Fantasyland from one of our EMH times on a recent trip

That being said, we rarely use morning EMH anymore now that my kids are teenagers/tweenagers and would rather sleep in. We are now more inclined to use the late EMH. And even without using that time we have great park days. I think it depends on how much you’re trying to get in on that day - if it’s a substantial amount, the morning EMH will help with that tremendously.


Thanks for replying! It is night EMH…from 11-1!!! Which in theory sounds great…but not sure we will actually make it that late!!

On our first and only trip in June 2016 we went to MK for one of those late nights and had a blast. Everything was basically walk on at the end, except for SDMT. We hopped in line for that at 12:59. One of CMs congratulated us on being the last people in the park as we took our personal ferry ride across the lagoon. It was awesome!


So to make best use of PM EMH - which are less crowded than regular park hours but more crowded than AM EMH - definitely do NOT try to go all day. Either plan a late start that day - my family likes to start after an early lunch - or plan a super long stretch of down time if you do use RD access; plan to leave by noon and stay out of the parks til evening. If you try to burn the candle at both ends, you’ll just end up - well - burnt!


I can switch things around so we have a better time for FOP FPP but that would mean MK on an EMH night. We are sleeping in that morning…so we wouldn’t arrive until 6:00…then have 3 FPP, dinner then EMH until 1:00…followed by another slight sleep-in morning.

But I need to decide now if moving around FPP and ADR’s is worth it.

Our 2nd AK FPP are not at a good time because we have HS after hours then same night. AK at 5:00 for FPP then over to HS.

My brain is full and I am sure I am not explaining myself…

I think I am trying too hard to make the perfect plan and there is no such thing so I am leaving stuff alone!!


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I’m sorry I’m not understanding better. :frowning: