Thoughts on Mid-Day breaks in May 2021?

We are coming down in May for 7 days in park with express passes & staying onsite.

Every other vacation we’ve had in Florida, we take a mid-day break to go back to the hotel to rest & swim in the pool for a few hours (typically around 1). We are from Vermont & have kids, so the heat is a little daunting for us at times.

Considering the crowds lately & the capacity rules, is this something that is do-able for May 2021? Or would leaving the park for a few hours in the afternoon hinder our ability to return for dinner & closing?

Shouldn’t be a problem. Onsite guests have priority entry and, so far, have had no problem entering or returning.


You’ll find the hotels are MUCH closer than at WDW. You can, literally, be in your room within 20 minutes after stepping out of the gates.

(Think of Universal more like Disneyland than WDW. It’s much easier to get around and you can walk almost everywhere)

Here’s a “map” that will give you a basic overview of the distance of the hotels in relation to the parks


We were able to leave and come back fine last week. Keeps us out of the parks during the busiest time and having EP maximizes the amount of rides you get to do. We also are early RD people so it’s nice to have a break in the afternoon. Make sure you check park hours though. UOR has been having fairly early closings. On our week days last week, IOA closed at 7, US closed at 6.

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Edit: Sorry…I keep forgetting that it’s just a simple color change that designates a different resort rather than a clearly different forum branch.

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Check with the hotel about pool capacity limits. I haven’t heard of any specifically Uni, but Disney did have issues. When I booked HR a couple months ago they did say the hot tub was closed due to covid protocols.
Other than that it’s an easy boat ride or short walk to most the premiums. It’s one thing I like more about Uni.

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It won’t be a problem. I assume you are staying premier, so just take the water taxi. We did that last week. Amazing what a siesta can do!