Thoughts on Fireworks

Just rolled back into town from our Thanksgiving trip. I have so many thoughts and feelings to share, but the one that is foremost in my mind is the nighttime firework shows. This is my first time experiencing the new MK fireworks (is it telling that I don’t even remember the name!?!) as well as Harmonious. Gonna be honest…I really enjoyed Harmonious. I thought it was a lovely show that held my attention, kept my foot tapping, and has some beautiful fireworks/projections. Is the 20-minute show worth the all-day-long visual disruption of the barges? Nope…but I can appreciate the beauty of the actual nighttime show.

Now, the new MK fireworks show…I was bored to tears. It felt soooooo sloooooowwww to me and the music was just okay. I am so glad they are bringing back Happily Ever After. That show is just amazing!


Your thoughts are shared by many. While Harmonious has its detractors, most of us like it. Enchantment (that’s what it’s called btw :wink:), on the other hand, is mostly panned. It’s fine, but pales in comparison to HEA.


Thank you for clarifying the name! We were at the back of Main Street by the tree, so maybe I would have liked it better up close? I doubt it. Really enjoyed the Christmas party fireworks though!


I know this is pretty old but we were just there last week. We scheduled dinner for the castle during the show, and when I realized this I was kicking myself. We thought about cancelling but after being bounced around and pushed trying to get into the castle I dont regret missing the show. We watched from the California grill, that was enough.
After the crowds clear out, you can walk around fairly easily and take pictures right below the castle. It’s glorious.

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I completely agree with your thoughts. I also love how the Epcot show isn’t a crush of humans, since everyone is spread around WS. I walked up when the show started and found a window between heads about 6-7 people deep.