Thoughts on February vs. October 2020? (star wars!)

16 days until we leave (woo-hoo!) and my crazy self is all ready planning our next trip. So far our trips have been in October, which has been great. I wanted to do a bounce back for next year but hubby says that’s too soon (3rd trip in 3 years). He said the earliest he would consider is February 2020. Late February through August is out of the question as I’m too busy at work. It would be nice to try another time of year but I’m worried about the weather for the pool in Feb (my kids favorite thing) and also that things will be insane with Star Wars Land (My husband and olderst son are super excited for it) We have only ever had moderate to low crowds. October 2020 seems so far out!

The crowds for SWGE are going to be bad for at least a year - or more - after it opens, but I would assume that October might be a bit lighter than February. For swimming, Feb could be hit or miss; it might be in the 80s or it might be in the 50 - or both in the same week. October would certainly be, on the average, a much warmer time to go (it’s currently 84 with highs predicted at 88 in Orlando today). October is also a dice roll with regards to tropical storms, but as a FL resident, I probably wouldn’t let that factor very much into my plans.