Thoughts on BOG Dinner Changes?

I’m curious what this group thinks about the upcoming changes to the BOG dinner menu. Do you think it’ll be a good signature dinner and worth two credits (like I hear Tiffins is)? Or, will it over priced for the quality of food?

I’m curious because I have an ADR (ok, 2 ADRs) for the end of August. I won’t make any decisions now, but I want to hear your opinion on the changes.

I’m unhappy about it, because I loved BOG dinner but I won’t eat any of the appetisers, so using 2 credits for the same 2 courses that used to be 1 credit feels like a rip off. I assume they will improve the quality of the food though, so I’m torn.

:disappointed: I dont think the atmosphere warrants a 2 dinning credit. The huge open dinning rooms are not intimate at all.

I don’t like it either. I’ve only eaten at BOG 1x lunch and 1x dinner. I’m not impressed with the cost or the menu for dinner. And agree the atmosphere is not very “signature” like.

I don’t love the idea. I don’t think the setting is consistent with signature dining–especially the main dining room. I typically don’t use the dining plan, but I can’t see it being worth 2 credits. I know the menu with change, but not sure it will be enough.

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