Thoughts on Astro Orbitor

I’m debating whether to do this with my 2 and 4 yo. I showed YouTube and DD4 thought it looked cool but I don’t know that you can tell how fast or high it is. She does well on teacups but didn’t like tilt-a-whirl last year. DH is also a bit afraid of heights. I think mostly I think the view is cool.

I know waits can be long so I’m scrapping if long anyway but TP says 13 which I’m doubting.

I’d replace with Laugh floor but neither kid has seen the movie so will it make sense?

I guess ultimately we’ll let it by ear and actually watch the ride first and see what everyone thinks.

AO is high above the people mover. If there is a fear of heights, I’d avoid it. You get into the rockets on a platform that you take an elevator up to.

It goes pretty fast in my opinion. It has a good amount of force to it’s spin.

No need to see Monsters Inc to enjoy the Laugh Floor. It’s fun and usually pretty funny.

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Also, if it’s just you and 2 kids, it is a tight squeeze in one rocket for 3


DH is afraid of heights but does ok on it. It does make me a bit sick tho because it is pretty fast. Also might be tough with two littles.

It spins faster than you would think. And the height part could be an issue.

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Did it for the first time ever in 2016 (for some reason a short wait). We actually enjoyed it. Little ones weren’t scared and I’d do it again for a short line. I am hesitant of heights normally.

It is Dumbo up high, only with a much tighter fit.

It’s way faster than dumbo too.

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Is it? It has been a while! It wasn’t running for our last trip, so probably like 6 or 7 years.

For definite!!!

You definitely feel like you are sliding out. I can’t imagine trying to hold onto wiggly tots. There is only one lap belt that holds everyone.

Sounds like we should skip!

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My DS4 and DD4 both ride with me in January. DS4 is scared of heights and won’t even walk close to railings in malls will two levels.

We showed him the ride from the people mover and he decided to do it. I think the spaceship theme outweighed his fear. He was a bit stiff at first but loosened up and really had fun.

I say all that to point out you never know. Maybe just leave some time open to give her an option. The waits can vary and at times are negligible.

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Like @Elaine5715 said, it doesn’t have much to hold you in the seat. I would be fine with the 4 year old riding as long as they aren’t tiny/rambunctious, but I would be really nervous to take a 2 year old on it unless someone could hold them very securely. It is one of our favorite rides, and I think it is definitely faster than Dumbo, too…it feels much more exhilarating. Might be too much for the little one!

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I love rides. All rides, of all levels of thrill. There are only two rides in the world I won’t ride. Teacups, because the spinning makes me sick, and Astro Orbiter, because I find it terrifying. It is rickety, SUPER high, you slide around in the seat, and it goes FAST - much faster than Dumbo, which is supposedly similar.


I took my 3 and 5 year old on it on our lat visit - they both really enjoyed it. I hated it - it’s the only ride I rode on the whole trip that made me feel sick.

I hate Astro Orbitor. My kids were fine on it last trip (5 and 7). DH and I hated it. It is high, you move around in the seat and it made me feel sick. It spins much fast than dumbo. Couldn’t get off it fast enough and I don’t usually mind most rides.

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This was me!

I took my 2 year old on it. I thought it would be like Dumbo. Haha… He was terrified. I loved it, but he was crying and I felt awful. Am currently trying to decide whether to try again now that he is 3, but I definitely wouldn’t want to hold onto 2 little ones. I was glad I could have both arms around my single little one.

We’d split up and DH would ride with one if I can get him on - lol. I’m thinking skip - doesn’t sound pleasant or worth the wait.

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