Thoughts on 50s Prime Time for lunch?

We decided to try the dining plan for our trip in June so I’m trying to add some table service meals and need advice.

We are going to be in HS on Father’s Day. I had thought about doing dinner at GF Cafe that night, but we typically spend only about 2/3 day at HS and spend afternoon at the pool. So I’m not sure we will want to get cleaned up for a fancy dinner after hanging out in the pool. I promised DH I would have some relaxing time in the trip so especially on Father’s Day I want to make sure it is enjoyable for him.

I’m thinking of making a lunch reservation for 50s PT but lookig for feedback. DH does not really like being the center of attention and I know they have “fun” with you and give you a bit of a hard time for fun. I don’t want DH to be too embarrassed if the servers have a little too much fun with us. Thoughts???

If you’re not as into it, they don’t push. The food is really good and portions are large. I think it’s a good choice.

One of my favorite places in the world, and my favorite at HS. My experience has been that if you don’t want to play, they won’t push it. I’m a fan of the pb&j milkshake, the onion ring appetizer, the sampler platter and the brownie sundae

I know a lot of people love this place, but we went there on our last trip and hated it. Our waiter was an “uncle” who wasn’t by any stretch funny - he was just a complete dick, insulting everyone in our party. Never again.

Milkshakes are awesome. the food is good too. Not outstanding, but good. Atmosphere? Our last visit was a bit meh. If you have kids they might get a kick out of it. The servers usually reserve their role playing for the adults to amuse the kids.

My family ate there recently and hated it. Our server was more intent on the “act” than she was getting our meal. She totally forgot our drinks and got our entire order wrong. I found it really annoying to be yelled at during my meal, especially when the service was so poor. It took forever to eat here and the food was only ok. It was loud and chaotic. I will never go back.

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Hmmmm I booked lunch after reading the first two reviews but the bad experiences has me a little nervous. I really don’t want DH to have a bad time on Father’s day…

Hoping some more people chime in with either good or bad feedback.

Maybe Mama Melrose is a safer option?

You can find lots of reviews here…

Hope that helps.

We loved it and are planning to go back. For us it was fun and we all played along. Our waiter was our cousin we hadn’t seen in awhile. I loved the fried chicken.

Thank you everyone for all the feedback. I tried to ask DH before about his opinion and he said “you just pick” as he typically just lets me tell him what to do with all things Disney. But I insisted he have some input being that it will be Father’s Day and he picked Mama Melrose instead. He said he didn’t want to risk being put on the spot in case they are “extra in character” for dads that day. So Mama Melrose it is!