Thoughts and notes from our september trip

I know if I write a trip report I won’t be able to keep it short so here are things I noticed and thoughts from our september trip. In no particular order English is my second language so I’ll try my best and Hope it helps and answers questions for some people. :slight_smile:

First of all the forum was soo helpful planning my trip so thanks everybody. We had a magical time. It was me DH DD2 and DD4. We were staying at All stars Music. We never had any problems with the buses, never waited more then 10 min and most of the time there was one right away. We were staying int the rock building so were able to take the music or sports buses and it was the same walk time to our room (helped a lot to never wait for a bus on our way from the parks)

I was wondering a lot about the stroller parking before going. There are a lot everywhere, you never really look for them , there is a always one next to most attractions.

We were there right after Dorian and the parks were empty for the first days ! This is us in a almost empty Pandora

Galaxys edge was fantastic, the details were phenomenal. We did the Millenium falcon ride with only a 25 min wait at 8h in the morning

The meets and greet went very well even if our girls dont really speak english. Aurora in EPCOT did spoke a little french so it was nice. My girls mostly nodded and I dont think the characters noticed they didnt understand lol. They just kept talking especially the princesses.

We did the Memory maker share so I haven’t received my pictures yet but was able to see them on the app. I think it is well worth it for the small cost when you share it. Those will be great memories

We were able to do all the rides and shows we wanted. I used the modify trick quite a bit so thanks a lot liners we never waited for a ride. Even if the stand by line was like 15 min I was always able to get a fastpass for the same time to go right through

Since it was party seasons the happily ever after was still very crowded and my girls had so much fun in the Dumbo waiting area that we arrived only 15 min prior to the fireworks. We ere able to get a very good view right at the entrance of the secret street they open after the fireworks to leave the magic kingdom, We had a full view of the castle and were able to leave right after and beat the crowd to the buses.

We had the free dining plan and had a lot of fun trying all the snack I has seen on DFB best one was the huge funnel cake on Hollywwod studios, it was only a snack credit!

We did the treasure hunt in adventure land. The girls loved it with all the animations. A lot of people seemed to not know it existed because we got a lot of questions from bystanders when the decor started talking to us in a jack sparrow voice.

For the rides, our favorites were me FOP DH:Millenium falcon DD4:SDMT and SSD DD2:Dumbo and PPF.

This is all I can think of right now But I’ll come back when Think of something else. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Wow awesome pictures! Glad you had a great time. Your trip report in English is wonderful.


thanks :slight_smile:

Just thought about something else. We had a prepark opening reservation at Akershus. We arrive a little late at 8h15 and had to wait after done eating to meet the last princess. But even with all that we were able to leave and get in line for Frozen before the ropedrop crowd and did it with no wait.

just a tip, ask for the bill before eating that way you can leave as soon as your’re done.


Your daughters’s Star Wars dresses are wonderful! What a great photo!


This is great! (what’s the treasure hunt in adventure land?). Thanks for sharing!

Its called A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas. There is a kiosk at the back of adventureland where you get the maps. There are 5 differents maps. There are multiple places to find in all of adventureland where you scan your magicband and it starts an animation. When you finishes 2 maps you get a fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s really fun!


Great trip!

Can you tell me more about “secret street they open after fireworks”?

Did your girls ride MFSR? Did they enjoy it? Any parts that scared them? I am in the process of trying to talk DD4 into riding with me on our next trip, but she is afraid there will be “scary guys” like Kylo and the Emperor.

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its behind the shop of main street. We watch the fireworks right at the beginning of the purple line on the left. next to to tomorowland terrace. The exit takes you next to tonys. I dont kow if its opened all the time.


My DD4 loved it but she likes star wars and met darth vader (she was intimidated but not scared I think) She went on tower of terror so she is pretty much fearless. But there is no scary parts that I remember. You dont even see kylo ren or the emperor I think. It went so fast and I was so busy pushing the buttons (I was the engineer) that I dont really remember. I just know the effects were very nice. Its like a much better star tours where you can actually do something.


They only open it as a exit to help keep from having to funnel everyone into main street. But after fireworks, I believe they always open it.

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Your Jedi Cute Tricks don’t work on me!


Or, okay. Maybe they do. :slight_smile:


your daughters are adorable - love the dresses! thanks for the report :slight_smile:

What a great trip! Thanks for sharing your report with us!!

Sounds like you had a great time! Can you tell me more about the place you watched the Happily Ever After from and where the secret street is… sounds like to perfect viewing spot and escape!!!

I posted a map earlier. Its at the complete right of the picture to the left of the pink line. . There is a tree that blocks a little part of the fireworks at the right of the castle and of course its further from the hub so the projections are smaller then if you were right in front of the castle. But we could still see all the castle and most of the fireworks were higher then the tree. With little ones it was a must to be able to beat the crowds to the buses. With this location you just turn around and leave right after and its not crowded like main street.

When you played Pirate’s Adventure, did each of you have to scan your magic band for everything to get the fpp?

Only one person has to scan and it has to be the same one for each of the hunt (we had problems with this since we scan 2 differents band the first 2 times and he computer gave us the same hunt 2 times. We had to do it again) At the kiosk where you sign up it asks you how many players so you get the right number of FPP


Thank you! I anticipate my whole party will enjoy playing this.